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How exactly do Adept and Master Sorcery work?

Sun 11 Apr 2021, 19:09

Just to be clear, Sorcery Adept level says (among other things):

ADEPT. If failing to use a power the sorcerer may try again, this time rolling against his or her Total Corruption value.

--> So, simply put, if the Sorcerer has a Total Corruption of 4, he can roll again and, if rolling 4 or less, he/she succesfully casts the spell.

And for Master level:

MASTER. Each time the sorcerer attempts to affect the Resolute attribute of another creature, he or she may choose to roll against the creature’s Shadow instead (the creatures Resolute-Total Corruption).

--> Again, an example: The Sorcerer casts Bend Will (Core Book p.132) against a Cult Leader (Core Book p.211). The Cult Leader has a Resolute of 10 (0) and a Corruption of 4.

As the spell requires a [Resolute <- Resolute] test to succeed, the caster can choose between rolling his own Resolute <- 0 (the Cult Leader's Resolute Attribute Modifier) or Resolute <- +4 (the Cult Leader's Resolute Attribute - Corruptio =6, which corresponds to a +4 modifier for the player)

Are both examples right?

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