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Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Thu 08 Apr 2021, 14:00
by HunterGreen
Narvi v8.0.0 is now released, featuring multiple language support. Right now Narvi speaks English and Portuguese, and I have translators working on Spanish, Italian, French, and German. (If your language is not on that list, let me know if you'd like to volunteer to do some translation!) Add Narvi to your Discord here and see the full documentation while you're there:

What is Narvi? It's a verified Discord bot that adds TOR dice rolls, character sheets, initiative, skill/test/attack rolls, tracking of hope/endurance/etc., journey roles, and much more. Discord's text/voice chat, Narvi, and posting pictures and maps, make a complete suite of tools to run The One Ring quickly and efficiently. Add it free to your server, make as many games as you like, and let me know what you'd like added to it!

Try Narvi out and get support for it at the TOR/AiME Discord at

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Tue 20 Apr 2021, 22:16
by HunterGreen
Narvi adds Italian to the languages it knows today.

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Wed 05 May 2021, 14:15
by HunterGreen
Français has been added to Narvi's languages! Narvi now speaks English, Portugues, Italiano, and Français, and I have volunteers working on Spanish, Russian, German, and Dutch. If your language isn't on this list and you'd like to volunteer contact me!

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Fri 28 May 2021, 20:27
by HunterGreen
Narvi is now cloud-hosted for more reliability! (Yes, I did have a seven-hour power outage the other night. And that was the final push to get this done.) If you would like to help me pay for it, stop by and drop a dollar in the cup. Thanks!

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Tue 31 Aug 2021, 14:45
by HunterGreen
Narvi v9.0.0 is released today. This is a major end-to-end rewrite that includes the following new features:
  • Multiple characters per player.
  • Loremasters can also have characters, for NPCs, pregens, etc.
  • Transfer ownership of characters to other players.
  • Mark a character inactive to exclude them from initiative, group heals, etc.
  • Lots of work setting up for 2e external character sheet support, which is coming next.
  • When you haven't specified a character image, rolls now use your avatar.
Add Narvi to your Discord server for free, and see all the instructions, here:
And toss a dollar into the pot to help pay for hosting here:

Narvi v10 released

Posted: Tue 21 Sep 2021, 20:43
by HunterGreen
Narvi v10 is now released! 2e support is now officially in there and no longer in a halfway state -- Narvi's 2e functionality now meets and exceeds its 1e functionality throughout. Though a ton more is coming! This milestone is the point where everything you could do in 1e you can do in 2e, and the beginning of a lot more.

Transition: Right now games still default to 1e, but as soon as 2e officially drops, 2e will be becoming the default. Existing games that are 1e stay that way. But if a loremaster changes an existing game to 2e, for now the old 1e characters will still work, in a limited way, within 2e rules. Very limited: there are no useful items, no shadow scars, etc. but Narvi will do the best it can to support this weird hybrid mode. But it is strongly encouraged that everyone make 2e sheets and then point Narvi at them in a 2e game as soon as possible. Not only will Narvi get a lot smarter once you do, that hybrid mode is not going to stay around forever.

The Manual: I know no one ever reads it. And I know the manual was very top-heavy. I did a total top-to-bottom rewrite. The new readme is much sleeker, about half as long as the old one, and much better organized, with an emphasis on "what do you need to do to get the best out of Narvi". I promise you will be surprised how quick it is to read, and how much you get out of doing so, especially loremasters.

Bugs: Yes, there are bugs! I don't know where yet, but they're in there. Expect some burbles in the coming days. Please report them with the `\bug` command or in the TOR/AiME discord at in the #narvi channel.

What's Next? I have to certify the Google API code with Google. Right now it's in a developer mode. Once FL gives us the final release, I expect there will be changes in both the Google Sheets template (possibly requiring you to recreate your character sheets) and Narvi. Bugs will be squashed. And a ton more 2e functionality is coming!

Changes This Version:
  • Google Sheets integration with my Google Sheets 2e character sheet.
  • Narvi can also push out updates to frequently changed things (e.g., endurance, wounds, treasure) to the sheet.
  • When you do manual updates to the sheet, \char refresh forces Narvi to reread it.
  • 2e updates like Strength, Scan, shadow scars, which columns Explore and Hunting are in, what is used to break ties in initiative, etc. to get Narvi's 2e functionality at least to parity with 1e.
  • New improved \sheet displays including compact, skills, rewards, and virtues.
  • Automatically apply TNs to rolls, and make them favored.
  • Wounds set to 0 days to recovery automatically clear when you \end combat.
  • \action <action> automatically handles most actions, does the rolls, records temporary bonus and parry, etc.
  • \attack automatically gives you +1d or -1d based on stance. \foe does the same when you're attacked.
  • Character names can include spaces and diacriticals.
  • \r options for hope (spend 1 hope, gain a bonus die), inspired (same thing but 2 dice), and magical (force a magical success).
  • \company commands for prolonged, short, short with song, safe, and arrival rests, fellowship phase, and applying hope or fatigue en masse
  • Rolls automatically apply a Useful Item if applicable (unless noitem is added to the command).
  • Roll embeds include a link back to the character sheet on Google Sheets.

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Sun 03 Oct 2021, 21:27
by HunterGreen
v10.1.0 now requires the updates made in the Google Sheets character sheet when used in 2e games. 2e is now the default and some of the updates from alpha to release have happened, though more are to come.

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Wed 08 Dec 2021, 04:02
by HunterGreen
Narvi v11 is released tonight; this update completes one major phase of my 2e updates to this dice-rolling, game-automating TOR Discord bot. v11 adds automatic support for a huge raft of TOR2e rules; for instance, spending tengwars, automatically implementing most virtues and cultural blessings, 2e wound handling, updated songbook, more reports, letting knockback automatically implement halved damage, revised attack and foe commands, automatic handling of shield bonuses and 2h attacks, automatic accounting of engagement affecting defensive stance, and lots more. Also some QoL features like automatically switching games based on what server you type commands in, more Do What I Mean magic, game renaming, LM commands to award AP/SP/Treasure to the whole company, and much more. See the file for the full details. Future updates will automate journeys, councils, adversary tracking, and more. Add the bot to your Discord server free here:

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Thu 09 Dec 2021, 08:35
by Pangea
Having not backed TOR2E I only just purchased all the .pdfs and have started a campaign in PbP and am starting running a (hopefully) campaign on VTT.
Since the Roll20 2E sheet does not work for rolling the dice (I will try to see what can be done about that?) I started making macros on Roll20, but had to look around and discovered Narvi.
I really not into coding and such, so I was super happy to see how user friendly and intuitive the bot is.
I easily found out how to make all kinds of rolls (Favoured, Ill-Favoured, Weary..) - with the Loremaster rolls coming out in a cool scary red!, and all with nice TOR dice.
I start using it tonight when we start playing The Conspiracy of the Red Book.
And I plan to look into making the character sheets from which you can use Narvi w/o entering codes in Discord (but the codes you enter are very simple and intuitive).

So, all that to say thanks a lot to HunterGreen (the bot will make our game easier and nicer) and give my opinion that Narvi is super easy to use, and very nice.

Re: Release of Narvi v8.0.0 --the TOR Discord dice bot, now with internationalization

Posted: Thu 05 May 2022, 00:02
by HunterGreen
Narvi v12 is released today including support for automated Councils. Here's briefly how it works (see the Readme for more):

  • The Loremaster uses the \council command to create a council and specify its resistance, an attitude, and whether to use Core or Ruins rules. For instance, \council bold friendly ruins to start a council with some friendly folk, but asking for a fair amount, and using the revised rules in Ruins of the Lost Realm.
  • Players now do \roll commands as usual. If they add council to the command, Narvi automatically tracks the result as part of the council. The first such roll is taken as the introduction; subsequent ones as interactions. Narvi accounts for the council's attitude and if the hero is Friendly and Familiar, but the player can override the attitude (e.g., if a Dwarf-friend is talking to a Dwarf) by specifying friendly, reluctant, or open on the \roll command. An example: \roll Courtesy council hope b=1 to roll Courtesy for the council and spend hope on the roll, plus to get one more bonus die for some special advantage the hero has.
  • After each roll that affects the council, Narvi shows a brief summary of the council's status, and if it has ended, the outcome.
  • The Loremaster can make manual tweaks in case of problems or special circumstances. For instance, \council timelimit +2 to give the heroes two more chances.
  • When there's an outcome, the council can still be tweaked, or the Loremaster can \council end.

Future plans include similar automation for Journeys, Adversaries, Eye tracking, and other functions. Install to your Discord server for free, or toss a dollar in the cup to help pay for hosting, here: