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Old Professions, new Races.

Sun 13 Sep 2020, 11:20

Does anyone know if there is an official update of the various core rulebook Professions, to take into account the new races provided in the APG? it seems odd now that the ‘suggested races’ should be limited to the original five in the CRB. Also, what about ‘suggested boons & burdens’ for the original Professions? If there is nothing official, has anyone had a shot at updating the material?
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Re: Old Professions, new Races.

Tue 29 Sep 2020, 13:16

No such update, but I think it is easy to hack this, considering the lore and how things are present.
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Re: Old Professions, new Races.

Tue 29 Sep 2020, 18:01

I didn't think "suggested races" actually restrict the professions. According to the APG, only the "Required Abilities" gates entry into a profession as far as the rules are concerned. Roleplaying concerns could obviously also restrict a profession. But that would be up to the GM and the players working in collaboration.

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