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Old/Unreliable Ships House Rule?

Sat 09 Nov 2019, 13:43

Obviously most ships in the Alien Universe have some wear and tear on them and rarely do you see a pristine ship. I was thinking of applying a varying percentage discount to the total cost of a ship if it had a lot of mileage on the clock, or if its manufacturers have taken a few shortcuts with its construction. It puts Player Characters closer to ownership of a space vessel, but not without risk. These ships have extra problems or quirks characters have to deal with on a regular basis. 

In addition to having to undergo Regular Maintenance a space vessel of extreme age or poor construction are subject to one (or both) of the following rules:     

Unreliable: (Comtech)
This ship is shot through with third party software, incompatible parts and poorly installed wiring. When utilising modules of this ship that draw a lot of power, for example the FTL Drive, certain Weapons such as Railguns or Laser CIWS, roll twice on the Minor Component Damage table as power surges unexpectedly, shorting out cheap components or faulty wiring. 

Corroded Structure: (Heavy Machinery)
This ship has been marinading in the cosmic rays of space for centuries, or has seen a lot of combat with its hull coated in carbon scoring and impact craters. When rolling on the Major Component Damage table due to damage suffered in Space Combat or from some other exterior source (such as the stress on the ships frame from Planetfall), roll twice and keep the higher result. 

Fixing the Problem
Crew who are aware of these problems can spend a Shift to address the issue. With a successful Heavy Machinery or Comtech roll, the affected ship ignores the next occurrence of Unreliable or Corroded Structure, however the temporary repair gives out after holding this one time. Another Shift will be required to effect temporary repairs once more. 

These issues can be fixed permanently with the right application of the Heavy Machinery or Comtech skills in addition to buying replacement parts. For example, Corroded Structure can be fixed with the Reinforced Frame upgrade.

Just a thought I had.  

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