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Sorcerer and taking spells...

Thu 18 Jul 2019, 21:46

Sorry if this has been answered but I've been Gooleing and scowering forums all morning for this specific point.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears sorcerer does not prevent the one point of permanent corruption from learning a spell in school or not.  Yet there are spells listed as being in the Sorcery school.  I'm trying to figure out why there even are sorcery spells when they are treated the same by the sorcerer as if they were from any other school.

On a related note, does it also cost more permanent corruption to buy an additional rank of a spell out of your school?
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Re: Sorcerer and taking spells...

Thu 18 Jul 2019, 22:00

That is correct - sorcerers do not get a permanent corruption rebate for picking sorcerer based mystical powers.  I, as a GM, would expect the sorcerer to find a teacher for learning any mystical powers outside their tradition.  So, while the corruption cost is the same between sorcerer and other traditions, for a sorcerer, the availability is much harder.  A player will struggle to find the theurg/witch/ordo magic to teach someone willing to take corruption for their learning (not impossible, but hard).

It is correct that each rank in a mystical power costs you one point of permanent corruption, unless your tradition says otherwise.
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Re: Sorcerer and taking spells...

Sun 22 Aug 2021, 22:23

Old post but to clarify that I have understood correctly the corruption rules in page 176 and the mystical power rules in page 119.
I must point out that the rules are not very clear and I would have preferred some reminders at the mystical powers (p. 130) and rituals (p. 140) about the corruption in learning these skills, but I assume it's 1 permanent corruption for a level.

So, let's say our character has resolute value of 15 (corruption treshold = 8) and he is a sorcerer.
He learns two mystical powers, Bend Will and Curse and a ritual of Possess. This gives him 3 points of permanent corruption.

He now uses one of the skills to Bend Will and after a succesful resolute roll, takes 1 point of temporary corruption.
Later in the act he uses a Curse and fails his resolute, taking full 4 points of temporary corruption. This already puts him in the treshold and he immediately gets D4 points (rolls 2) points of permanent corruption.

Now he has 5/8 points of permanent corruption and is in a very bad spot already.

Did I understand this correctly? If you have more than two mystical powers learned, you cannot "safely" cast more than one spell per scene if you are sorcerer.

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