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Sacrificing critical draws clarification

Thu 04 Jul 2019, 13:48

If I draw a critical failure token (green) I can sacrifice it to make it count as a success. That means the token is removed from my bag permanently but counts as a success for this particular trait check. So it doesnt make the entire check an autosuccess, only makes this token count for one.

On the flipside, I can sacrifice a critical success (red) token allowing me to remove it from my bag permanently but count as a failure. But it doesnt state if it only makes this particular token count as a failure or if the entire trait check is considered a failure?

So if I choose to remove the red critical success token from my bag, can I still keep drawing tokens assuming I have more to draw (having paid for additional draws)?
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Re: Sacrificing critical draws clarification

Thu 04 Jul 2019, 14:07

It is the draw that is changed by sacrificing the token, not the entire trait check. This will of course affect the trait check, but the trait check is over when you have succeeded or when you have drawn so many tokens that you are entitled to.
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