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Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Fri 01 Mar 2019, 07:03

I am having a huge issue with Forbidden Lands, there is only one campaign.

I desperately want to play in this system, but it seems like so much of the game is about secrets that are highly interconnected that I don't feel I can possibly play in a campaign now that I've read everything.

I'm thinking I'll have to just teach people until someone decides they want to run an original game. Raven's Purge is really cool though, and it's the rare GM who is that creative and able to make something so open-ended.

Please knock out another campaign book ASAP please.  :D
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Re: Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Sat 02 Mar 2019, 18:19

You mean another campaign book in the same setting? Tomas has said in multiple interviews that their plans for expanding FBL is to go in each of the 4 cardinal directions with new maps and adventure sites.

While he hasn't mentioned campaigns for each, I would guess that there will likely be a meta-plot to go with each one (similar to what they've done for the MYZ expansions, Genlab Alpha, Mechatron, and Elysium). I would be surprised if they repeat the core rules from the main book, so I would wager that these expansions will be a combination of the GM Guide and Raven's Purge in a single volume. You'd just need the Player's Handbook to go along with it.

If you are interested in other settings, once the OGL is released I expect you'll start to see many new settings coming out. I'm working on a setting which will likely not have a single big meta plot. Instead, I plan on having a bunch of "campaign hooks" that are each about a paragraph long and spark a GM's imagination, whilst also allowing them to get started straight away. There also won't be a ton of setting info. The idea being that a GM makes the setting their own, though there will still be a setting overview, a bestiary, and a brief history for those who want them.

I personally think this is the way to go for future third party supplements. Focus on the main mechanical changes needed (Kins, Professions, and Talents) and then give an overview of the setting so that GMs can adapt as needed for their own tastes.
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Re: Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Sat 02 Mar 2019, 21:12

If they expand in each direction from Ravenland with their own supplement and campaign book, keeping the core rules from PHB and GMG as foundation, this will be awesome! I am already done putting everything into Realm Works and preparing to run the Spire and The Purge in the next months (I hope!). :) While I was completing the realm I started wondering what is like in the dwarven lands beyond the mountain tunnels and traversing the mist in the elven territories...

There is nothing I hate more than approach where everything is copied just for money with slight changes (pointing to Star Wars books from FFG...).
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Re: Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Sun 03 Mar 2019, 20:38

Adding to what the others have said, I'd also say that Forbidden Lands can be run very open-ended, using random encounters and individual adventure sites.
Fria Ligan
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Re: Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Tue 05 Mar 2019, 23:19

We play it open ended. Making up our own campaign as we play.
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Re: Huge Problem with Forbidden Lands

Fri 08 Mar 2019, 13:31

We play it open ended. Making up our own campaign as we play.
Which works very well and is in spirit of the games design. There are also lots of good resources made by the community ;)

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