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Re: Errata for published game

Thu 19 Sep 2019, 14:38


We have now created PDF errata sheets compiling the clarifications and changes in the second printing of the Forbidden Lands core set. You can download them here:

Hi Tomas, some of the changes to the second printing (e.g. chance casting can no longer be used to write spells into grimoires) are not present in the errata.

Does Fria Ligan plan to release a comprehensive list of the changes?
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Re: Errata for published game

Thu 19 Sep 2019, 21:31

Definitely we need complete errata... We are not in situation where we don't know what else is changed, after the findings of the community.
I really want to have all digital products I use in sync, but without errata I am in the dark. :(
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Re: Errata for published game

Mon 14 Oct 2019, 20:10

As a new owner of Forbidden Lands, but a GM since the late 70's, I love the game and system.
I do feel that there are some things I have difficulty with due to the translation aspect.  I find that everything is there, just sometimes might be worded a bit differently to make it easier to understand.
This is such a minor issue to me since the good of this game outweighs the bad.  
I am really enjoying reading through the rules, Players has been finished and I am into the Kin chapter of the GM book.
Errata would be nice but a continued digital "living manual" even better.  
I find clarifications and examples to be the best way to get me to understand.
As a first post though, I want to make sure I impress how much I enjoy this game.
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Re: Errata for published game

Wed 06 Nov 2019, 04:44

Pg 86

If you help another player character or NPC to perform an action, it costs you one action of the same type (slow or fast). You must that you help someone before any dice are rolled. Helping others breaks the initiative order in the round.”

Guessing that middle sentence should read: “You must declare that you help someone before any dice are rolled.”