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Hidden Combination Question

Fri 16 Feb 2018, 00:22

This is in reference to the example given in Chapter 5, page 89.

The example states, “The orc goes first,
but as he is prone he can only SHOVE. He fails and it’s Nirmena’s turn.”

The Orc selected STRIKE as its second action (Step 2), but was knocked down prone in Step 1.
Doesn’t this mean that the Orc can only Shove if it had selected HINDER as its second action?
By choosing STRIKE, doesn’t that mean the Orc cannot do anything when prone?
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Re: Hidden Combination Question

Fri 16 Feb 2018, 08:46

I think so.
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Re: Hidden Combination Question

Tue 20 Feb 2018, 22:17

You're right! We'll fix that.
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Re: Hidden Combination Question

Wed 21 Feb 2018, 13:42

Does that mean he can't even try to 'Stand Up' on his turn, because he didn't select 'Prepare' in anticipation of being knocked down? Seems a bit rough - you get knocked down in the first step, effectively lose both your actions and end up as a sitting duck.

If instead Nirmena had chosen Parry as her first action, that would have been wasted because there was no swing to block? Surely the Orc's backswing would be kind of telegraphing the blow and ought to make it possible (and desirable) for Nirmena to maintain a defensive posture (possibly at a penalty).

I need to play through a few combat scenarios to get this straight in my head. I suppose this is where some of the talents that allow you to sneak a peak at your opponents cards come into their own.

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