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Nomad Ship Design, Class IV

Fri 24 Nov 2017, 18:00

Al Hussaini Support Ships – ‘Saqr Alsaqr’ Falcon’s Roost and ‘Saqr Eash’ Falcon’s Nest
Designated as a military support vessel, the twin ships of the Falcon’s Roost and Falcon’s Nest are a compromise between providing adequate fighter defence for their fleet and the nomad clan’s requirement to have all of their ships be self-sufficient in the event they are separated from the main fleet for prolonged periods. As well as hangar space for four of their fighters, the ships are equipped with salvage and service stations, a sizeable cargo hold of 500 tons capacity along with a workshop and a medlab. With cabins for 32 passengers the design accommodates a healthy number of personnel besides the minimum crew requirement along with their fighter escorts.
The ships are fitted with a docking station and are also capable of atmospheric entry thus increasing their versatility. Though it occasionally suffers from poor acceleration, the ship design is both faster and more nimble (or less cumbersome) than most in its class. A combination of heavy armour, a reinforced hull and ED fields provide added protection to its crew. It should be noted however that the eight escape pods would not carry all of the passengers in stasis if that module was filled to capacity.
The Talandri clan are a particularly superstitious people and the ships chapel is often filled to capacity, particularly in the days leading up to a portal jump or a particularly lengthy journey. The interior design of the chapel and the living quarters of the ship’s pay homage to the clan’s history and the Icon’s influence throughout their journey through the Third Horizon.
A series of semi-automated autocannon turrets line the port and starboard flanks of the ships, providing defence against enemy torpedoes and boarding craft.  A pair of heavy accelerator cannons mounted on each flank supplement the spinal mounted ion cannon and fearsome nestera mangler. The only possible oversight in the design is the lack of dedicated countermeasure dispensers, though the modular weapons systems could be removed and replaced at short notice should the need arise.
Class: IV
Manoeuver: -1
Modules: (Bridge, Reactor, Graviton Projector) + 20 (Docking Station, Hangar (max 1x Class II or 4x Class 1), Salvage Station, Cabins x2 (32 Std), Cargo Hold x2 (500 tons), Chapel, Medlab, Escape Pods x2 (8 pods/32 people), Stasis Hold (64 people), Service Station, Smugglers Stash, Workshop, Weapons System x6 (2x Autocannon, 2x Heavy Accelerator Cannon, 1x Ion Cannon, 1x Nestera Mangler).
Features: Atmospheric Entry, ED Fields, Heavy Armour, Robust Hull, Turbo Projector
Ship’s Problem: Slow Accelerator.
EP: 6
HP: 10
Signature: +2
Armour: 10
Speed: 2
Cost: 2,622,500

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