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Diseases, mind memes and poison question

Thu 12 Oct 2017, 19:14

Salam, spacefarers!

I don't really get this moment in "DISEASES AND MIND MEMES" on p.337:
Both diseases and mind memes work like poison (Chapter 6). [...] The GM can introduce a disease or mind meme at any time (if the situation allows it) at the cost of 1 DP.
But "POISON" on p. 113 says:
Common poisons have a strength of between 1 and 5, but strong ones could have a strength of up to 8. The poison attack is an opposed poison strength vs attribute roll.
And instead of disease or mind meme "strength" there is only a "culture roll" mod, like on creatures.
I mean, is it a GM who must define it every time after a DP spent or what?

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