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Citizenship in Krakow

Fri 07 Jun 2024, 17:17

Are there published requirements for gaining citizenship in Krakow?

There's details about Karlsborg about paying an exorbitant fee or being invited by the Life Guard Hussars.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Citizenship in Krakow

Mon 10 Jun 2024, 10:19

The older version's "Free City of Krakow" module should have something in it regarding that. I don't recall offhand and am not able to go dig up my copy at the moment, but will endeavor to remember and reply back.
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Re: Citizenship in Krakow

Mon 10 Jun 2024, 12:22

The way I've run it is that to gain citizenship in Krakow you had to demonstrate that you were wealthy enough to support yourself by paying a substantial tax on entry the first time, with that tax varying person to person. The Krakow authorities won't cripple you with this tax as they want to be able to charge you a smaller level of entry tax once you have your citizenship so that you keep leaving, earning more wealth and then returning. That way merchants can base themselves in Krakow after paying a citizenship tax, trade elsewhere outside the city and then pay an entry tax when they return to Krakow.

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