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SE Poland Villages & Towns for SW TVD/Operation Omdurman

Wed 08 May 2024, 11:42

The latest instalment of Operation Omdurman -- a High Adventure Campaign Pack for TW:2000 4th Edition -- this covers a specific Village/Town (Piekary Slaskie) in SE Poland as well as a more generic coverage of other possibilities.

Unlike the Core Campaign, this is not set in the Mad Max Howling Wilderness (tm) of Central Poland and assumes a much different style of play not requiring the PCs to scrabble for every single bullet, every morsel of food and every litre of fuel.

Perfect for use with the Long Range Striking Force book (also from PGD).

Since it is my 70th Birthday today I am offering this for 70c off the regular $4.49 price till the end of the month.

I will also be offering the same discount on ...

Long Range Striking Force (70c off)

Little Grey Mice (70c off)

SW TVD #1 Slovakia, Hungary & Austria ($1 off)

Cardboard Characters Expanded ($1 off)

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