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The Shire Stories - The Ted Sandyman Story

Sun 05 May 2024, 20:10

The Shire Stories - The Ted Sandyman Story
A Solo Roleplaying Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Ted Sandyman (male hobbit) is the son of Mr. Sandyman (Father) who is the owner of the Old Water Mill in Hobbiton.
- Jack Sandyman (male hobbit) is the younger brother of Ted Sandyman. His father (Mr. Sandyman) is the owner of the Old Water Mill in Hobbiton.
- Mr. Sandyman (male hobbit) is the owner of the Old Water Mill in Hobbiton.
- Grima Wormtongue (man from the Rohirrim) is a young evildoer from the Rohirrim. Grima does not like his father and he's starting to be influenced by a certain Sharkey. Grima works with 2 half Orcs and is starting a thug organization.
- Urask (male Half Orc) is the leader of the half orcs and protector of Grima. Half Orcs are a crossbred-race of Orcs and men conceived by an unknown shadow agent.
- Tud (male Half Orc) is a half orc working for Grima. Half Orcs are a crossbred-race of Orcs and men conceived by an unknown shadow agent.


In the quiet tranquility of Hobbiton, the first light of dawn filters through the trees, casting a gentle glow upon the Old Water Mill. Mr. Sandyman, a stern and hard-nosed hobbit, is already up and about, preparing for another day of labor. With a gruff voice that carries authority, he calls out to his two sons, Ted and Jack, who are still nestled in their beds. "Up, you lazy lads!" Mr. Sandyman's voice echoes through the house, filled with irritation. "Time to earn your keep!"
Ted Sandyman, the elder son, groans as he rolls out of bed, his father's words ringing in his ears. He knows all too well the expectations placed upon him as the heir to the family business. The Old Water Mill is not just any establishment in Hobbiton—it's renowned for its bread and beer, supplying nearly half the Shire with its delectable goods.
As Ted reluctantly begins his morning routine, his father's disapproving gaze follows his every move. Mr. Sandyman is relentless in his pursuit of perfection, and he doesn't hesitate to express his disappointment. "Go wake up," Mr. Sandyman barks at Ted, his tone cutting through the early morning haze. "We've got work to do. Ted, I'll give the business to your brother when you grow up if you don't move."
Throughout the day, Ted labors tirelessly alongside his father and brother, his frustration simmering beneath the surface. Mr. Sandyman doesn't miss a chance to criticize Ted's every mistake, reminding him of the high standards expected of him.
It's as the sun begins its descent towards the horizon that Ted's day takes an unexpected turn. As he emerges from the mill, wiping flour from his hands, he notices a group of unfamiliar figures approaching. A young man, clad in nondescript attire, steps forward, flanked by two hooded companions.
"Ted Sandyman," the stranger speaks with a voice tinged with intrigue. "I am Grima, and I have a proposition for you." Ted's curiosity piqued, he follows Grima to a secluded spot away from prying eyes. The young foreigner wastes no time in getting to the point.
"I need ten barrels of your father's finest beer delivered to us outside the village tomorrow evening," Grima explains, his eyes gleaming with a hint of mischief. "Your father refused, but I believe you can be persuaded. I'll pay handsomely—100 copper coins per barrel."
Ted's mind races as he weighs the risks and rewards. His father's disapproval weighs heavily on him, but the allure of easy coin is tempting. After a moment of contemplation, Ted nods decisively. "You have a deal," Ted replies, a newfound determination in his eyes.
Little does Ted know the darkness that lurks beneath Grima's charming facade, or the dangerous path he's about to tread as he delves into dealings beyond the boundaries of Hobbiton. The shadows of greed and deceit stretch long, threatening to engulf not just Ted but the tranquility of the Shire itself.
As Ted returns home that evening, his mind buzzes with anticipation and uncertainty. The familiar comforts of the Old Water Mill now seem tinged with a sense of foreboding, a harbinger of the challenges and choices that await him in the days to come.


The warmth of the hearth lingers in the air as the Sandyman family finishes their dinner, the clinking of utensils now replaced by the soft crackle of embers. Ted, his mind consumed by the promise of coin and rebellion, decides it's time to bring his brother, Jack, into his clandestine dealings.
"Hey Jack," Ted begins, his tone hushed yet urgent. "I've got something to talk to you about." Curiosity glints in Jack's eyes as he turns his attention to his elder brother. Ted wastes no time in outlining his plan, his words spoken in hushed tones to avoid detection.
"We're going to take out ten barrels of beer tonight," Ted explains in a low voice, "and load them onto the old cart behind the oak tree. Tomorrow, under the guise of delivering to a buyer, we'll take Equinox (the mule) and make the drop."
Jack's eyes widen in disbelief. "You want to steal from Father?" he whispers, a mixture of shock and apprehension coloring his voice. Ted nods, determination etched on his features. "He won't notice a thing," he reassures Jack. "And we're not telling him anything. You stand to pocket 500 copper coins for your trouble." After a moment of hesitation, Jack relents with a nod. "Okay, let's do it."
As night falls and the household settles into slumber, Ted and Jack emerge from their room like shadows, their steps silent as they make their way to the storeroom housing the coveted barrels of beer. With practiced ease, they load the barrels onto the creaky old cart, their movements swift and calculated.
Once the task is complete, they maneuver the cart behind the ancient oak tree, shrouding it in darkness. Chuckles escape their lips as they return to their beds, the thrill of their covert operation coursing through their veins. As Ted lays in bed, a smirk tugs at his lips. "You want to favor Jack over me, Father?" he muses silently. "Well, I'm more than happy to take matters into my own hands."
Little does Ted realize the ramifications of his actions, the tangled web of deceit and betrayal that he's weaving in the tranquil corners of Hobbiton. The shadows of ambition cast long and dark, threatening not just familial bonds but the very fabric of trust and loyalty in the Shire.


The morning sun bathes Hobbiton in a golden glow as Ted Sandyman rises from his bed, a smile playing on his lips despite his father's usual morning tirades. Today is different; today, Ted knows he holds a golden deal in his hands, a promise of wealth that keeps his spirits high throughout the day.
Despite Mr. Sandyman Sr.'s gruff demeanor, Ted maintains his cheerful facade, a glint of mischief dancing in his eyes as he looks forward to the evening's clandestine activities. As evening approaches, Ted and Jack approach their father with a casual air, informing him of their plans to spend the evening with a friend. Mr. Sandyman Sr., though stern, relents begrudgingly, allowing his sons their freedom for the night.
With a sense of anticipation and excitement, Ted and Jack make their way to the old oak tree, expecting to find their cart laden with the ten barrels of beer. But their hopes are dashed as they discover the cart missing, replaced by a void of betrayal and anger. "You see, we should never have done that," Jack laments, regret coloring his voice. Ted's frustration boils over, and he grabs Jack by the collar, his words laced with fury. "We're going to get that cart back on the East Road," Ted declares firmly. "And you're coming with me."
Without hesitation, Ted and Jack gather their essentials and set off from Hobbiton towards the East Road, determination driving their steps.
The journey is swift as adrenaline fuels their pursuit, and soon they spot the camp of Grima's group not far outside Bywater. Shadows dance around the flickering fire as Grima and his companions share in their ill-gotten gains, their laughter a mocking echo in the night.
Ted and Jack approach quietly, their anger simmering beneath the surface as they hear Grima's words. "I would have liked to see their faces," Grima chuckles, a malicious gleam in his eyes.
The air crackles with tension as Ted and Jack confront Grima and his cohorts, their voices firm despite the unease creeping into their hearts. "Where's our cart?" Ted demands, his gaze unwavering.
Grima's smirk falters for a moment, replaced by a calculating gaze. "Ah, the enterprising Sandyman brothers," he muses aloud. "Seems your little escapade didn't go as planned." Jack bristles at the implication, but Ted remains resolute. "Enough games," he snaps. "Return what's ours, or face the consequences." Grima's eyes narrow, his smile turning predatory. "Or what, little hobbits?" he taunts, a dangerous edge to his words.


The crackling tension in the air reaches a crescendo as Grima's two hooded companions reveal their true identities as half-Orcs, their menacing presence casting a pall over the confrontation. Jack's fear is palpable, mirrored by a flicker of doubt in Ted's eyes as they stand face to face with the dark forces they've unwittingly crossed.
"I am very proud of you," Grima's voice cuts through the silence like a blade, his tone smooth yet laced with menace. "It takes courage to confront us." Jack's nerves fray at the sight of the half-Orcs, his breathing quickening as he edges backward. Ted, though shaken, squares his shoulders, his gaze meeting Grima's with a mix of apprehension and defiance.
Grima's offer hangs heavy in the air like a shroud. "I'm willing to pay you handsomely," he continues, his eyes glittering with greed. "But you must complete a task for me." Ted's brow furrows in confusion. "Steal what?" he asks cautiously, his mind racing with possibilities.
Grima's smile widens, a cruel glint in his eyes. "The spherical crystal stone atop Elostirion," he states matter-of-factly. "A simple task for one with your... potential." Ted's heart sinks as the reality of the task dawns on him. "But that's suicide!" he protests, visions of elven guards and impenetrable defenses clouding his thoughts.
Before Ted can voice further objections, chaos erupts as Jack attempts a desperate diversion, only to meet with a tragic accident. The sickening thud of Jack's head hitting a rock echoes through the clearing, his unconscious form lying still as blood stains the earth.
Ted's world shatters in that moment, his cries of anguish piercing the night as he cradles his brother's limp body. Tears blur his vision as he pleads with Grima for help, his desperation laid bare for all to see.
Grima's expression remains impassive, a mask of indifference settling over his features. "Too late for him," Grima states coldly, tossing a bag of copper coins towards Ted. "Take your payment and keep quiet." Heart heavy with grief and guilt, Ted clutches the coins tightly, his resolve hardening as he swears an oath of silence to Grima's demands.
As Grima's group swiftly departs, leaving behind a trail of darkness and death, Ted carries Jack's lifeless form back home, the weight of loss bearing down on his shoulders like a crushing burden.
In the days and weeks that follow, Ted's grief morphs into a silent determination, his every action fueled by a desire for retribution and redemption. In the future, Ted will take the reins of his father's business, knowing that his solitude comes at a steep and irreplaceable cost.
The shadows of betrayal and tragedy loom large over Ted's life, a haunting reminder of the fateful night that changed everything. And as the days pass, Ted buries his secrets deep, carrying the weight of his brother's untimely demise as a solemn testament to the darkness that lurks in the hearts of Middle-earth.

END OF EPISODE (In Adventuring Phase)

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