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Late feedback

Posted: Sun 05 May 2024, 09:46
by s-leya-sl
I know it might be too late, but let me share:

Fts are used in Range descriptions, while meters elsewhere (I.e. Falling damaged).

A COMBAT AREA is divided into zones. Indoors, a zone is typically one room. Outdoors, a zone is any patch of land up to 100 feet across.

Falling on a hard surface automatically inflicts damage equal to the height in meters divided by two, rounded down.

Nothing critical but consistency wise I would use eighter one or both.

Re: Late feedback

Posted: Sun 05 May 2024, 17:59
by s-leya-sl
And one more, odd text on page 128:
Describe how the Travelers at the Stop and finds out about the Blocker.