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The Shire Stories - The Fairies Of The Far Downs

Fri 03 May 2024, 04:15

The Shire Stories - The Fairies Of The Far Downs
A Solo Roleplaying Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Robin Folcred (male hobbit) is a senior bounder and hunter at Greenholm. Brother of Folco. He is keen-eyed and fair-spoken.
- Folco Folcred (male hobbit) is a junior bounder and hunter at Greenholm. Brother of Robin. He is faithful and inquisitive.
- Lobellia Folcred (female hobbit) is a Innkeeper at the Hunting Lodge Inn at Greenholm. Mother of Robin, Folco and violet. She is merry and faithful.
- Violet Folcred (female hobbit) is a Innkeeper at the Hunting Lodge Inn at Greenholm. Daughter of Lobellia. She is merry and rustic.
- Tom Goatleaf (male man) is from the Bree Area. He is a Southlinch pipeweed trader. He is eager and secretive.
- Galdor (male elf) is from Grey Havens. He is a traveller and bounder for the Shire region. Often in contact with the Folcred family. He is subtle and swift.


In the quiet hamlet of Greenholm, nestled among the rolling hills at the western edge of the Shire, life carried on in its familiar rhythm. Modest houses and humble hobbit-holes dotted the landscape, their inhabitants content in their simple lives. Few ventured all the way to Greenholm, whispering tales of strange folk and the eerie mysteries of the Far Downs beyond.
On a misty evening, as the sun dipped low, casting long shadows across the land, a lone figure approached Greenholm. Tom Goatleaf, a man-trader from Bree known for his fine Southlinch pipeweed, arrived with his trusty mule Bonnie laden with goods from distant lands. His boots crunched softly on the gravel path leading to The Hunting Lodge, where warmth and hospitality awaited him.
Lobellia Folcred, the cheerful innkeeper of The Hunting Lodge, greeted Tom with a warm smile. "Ah, Tom! Welcome back, my friend. I've prepared a cozy room for you. You'll be staying with us for a few days?" Tom nodded gratefully. "Yes, Lobellia. I've brought the promised packets of Southlinch pipeweed, and I have a little business to attend to during my stay."
As Lobellia led Tom inside, the aroma of a hearty supper filled the air. Violet Folcred, Lobellia's merry daughter, bustled about setting the table. "Hello, Tom! It's good to see you again," she chirped, her eyes bright with genuine pleasure. Tom returned her greeting with a warm smile. "Hello, Violet. My, how you've grown since the last time I was here."
The evening passed in cheerful chatter and laughter around the dinner table. Stories were shared, and Tom regaled the Folcreds with tales of his travels beyond the borders of the Shire. Yet, beneath the jovial atmosphere, shadows lingered in the corners of Greenholm, whispers of the Far Downs and its mysteries weaving through the night air.


As twilight settled over Greenholm, casting a soft golden hue over the rolling hills, Robin Folcred, the steadfast senior bounder of the region, stepped outside The Hunting Lodge Inn. His keen eyes scanned the peaceful surroundings, a sense of duty and vigilance ingrained in his every movement. Tonight, as every two months, a familiar figure awaited him under the starlit sky.
Galdor, an elf from the Grey Havens, stood gracefully amidst the tranquil setting, his presence ethereal yet comforting. "Elen Sìla lùmenn' omentielvo," Galdor greets Robin in Quenya, the ancient Elvish tongue.
Robin returns the greeting with a warm smile, a deep camaraderie forged through years of shared guardianship. "Hello, my friend," Robin replies in the common tongue, his voice carrying a blend of respect and friendship. "Come, let us share a meal and tales by the hearth." Inside The Hunting Lodge, amidst the flickering firelight and the cozy ambiance, Robin and Galdor settle into a comfortable rhythm of conversation. The table is laden with hearty fare, a reflection of hobbit hospitality extended to an honored guest.
As they enjoy the warmth and flavors of the meal, Galdor speaks of his recent journeys through the Westfarthing region. "I traversed the lands, Robin, yet found no signs of the reported wolves. It seems either the threats have subsided or moved beyond your borders." Robin nods thoughtfully, his brow furrowing with a hint of concern. "That is reassuring news indeed," he replies, a glimmer of relief in his eyes. "Still, we must ensure the safety of our lands. Tomorrow, we shall venture to the Far Downs to ascertain the truth of the matter."
Galdor inclines his head in agreement, his ageless features reflecting a deep understanding of the importance of their task. "I shall stay the night then, in the warmth of your hospitality, Robin," Galdor responds graciously.


The morning sun painted the sky in hues of pink and gold as Robin Folcred, accompanied by the wise elf Galdor, set out on their mission to scout the enigmatic Far Downs. Their footsteps were steady, their senses alert to any signs of disturbance in the tranquil landscape of the Shire.
Meanwhile, in The Hunting Lodge Inn, the aroma of freshly prepared lunch wafted through the air as Violet Folcred, her cheerful demeanor a stark contrast to the looming mysteries of the Far Downs, made her way to the dining room where Tom Goatleaf sat, contemplating his own quest. "Here's your lunch, Tom," Violet chirped, setting down a hearty meal before the traveler.
Tom smiled gratefully, his eyes gleaming with curiosity beneath the brim of his hat. "Thank you, Violet. Tell me, have you ever heard of the Far Downs fairies? Rumors speak of treasures hidden in their realm."
Violet's expression shifted to one of caution as she glanced around, ensuring no prying ears overheard their conversation. "Yes, we've all heard the tales. There's an old swamp north of Greenholm, but it's a place best avoided. As for treasures, I can't say."
Tom leaned in conspiratorially, his voice lowering. "Can you show me the way, Violet? Keep this between us. I'll reward you handsomely." He slid a silver coin across the table, a glint of determination in his eyes. Violet hesitated, her concern evident. "Tom, I really must advise against it. The Far Downs are dangerous, and tales of fairies may hold more truth than we realize."
Tom chuckled lightly, dismissing her warnings. "Nonsense, my dear. I appreciate your concern, but I'm a seasoned traveler. There's no harm in seeking a little adventure and perhaps finding a treasure or two."
After a moment's pause, Violet relented, her curiosity piqued despite her reservations. "Alright, meet me at the entrance in ten minutes. But please, be careful." With a nod of assurance, Tom finished his lunch and gathered his belongings, his mind filled with visions of hidden riches and forgotten legends.


The sun hung low in the sky as Violet and Tom set out from The Hunting Lodge, their footsteps carrying them northward into the unknown. Unbeknownst to Lobellia and Folco, the two ventured forth into the quiet wilderness, chasing whispers of forgotten treasures and ancient mysteries.
As they tread deeper into the woods, Violet's senses prickle with unease, a subtle warning in the air that Tom seems oblivious to. "Don't you feel anything, Tom? There's something not right here," she voices her concern, pausing to scan their surroundings warily.
Tom shrugs nonchalantly, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "I don't feel a thing, Violet. Perhaps it's just your imagination. But thank you for guiding me this far. You can head back if you wish." Though hesitant, Violet chooses to stay close, a sense of responsibility urging her to keep watch over her companion despite the growing sense of foreboding in her heart.
Their journey leads them to a dark and ominous swamp lake, its murky waters reflecting the fading light of the day. "We shouldn't linger here, sir. It's dangerous," Violet urges, her voice tinged with urgency as Tom contemplates taking a dip to cool off. Ignoring her warnings, Tom plunges into the water with a splash, his laughter echoing through the stillness of the swamp. But his mirth is short-lived as Violet's fears manifest before her eyes.
Beneath the surface, Tom's gaze locks with a mesmerizing figure, a swamp-fairy draped in seaweed with eyes that pierce through the veil of reality. The fairy's enchanting gaze weaves a spell of weariness, luring Tom into a deep slumber at the bottom of the lake-swamp.
Time passes, marked by Violet's growing anxiety as she watches and waits, torn between intervening and heeding the warnings of danger. Eventually, her instincts guide her back towards Greenholm, where familiar faces await the return of the missing duo.
Robin and Galdor, returning from their own mission, encounter Violet's tear-streaked face, her words tumbling out in a rush of guilt and sorrow. "I showed him the way... to the Fairies' swamp," she confesses, her voice trembling with regret. "I warned him, but he didn't listen. He spoke of treasure." Robin's hand rests gently on Violet's shoulder, a mixture of understanding and reassurance in his eyes. "Calm your tears, my sister. Let us go and see."
Arriving at the dark swamp lake once more, the group is met with eerie silence. Galdor's wise words break through the somber air, a reminder of the boundaries between mortal desires and the unforgiving embrace of nature. Galdor says, "The wild world is all about you. You can fence yourselves in, but you cannot for ever fence it out. This is a man who went too far in his desires". As they stand by the tranquil yet treacherous waters, the lesson is clear - the allure of forgotten treasures often leads to perilous ends, and the mysteries of the wide world hold secrets that cannot be tamed by mortal hands. In the quiet reflection of their loss, Violet learns a profound lesson about the delicate balance between curiosity and caution in the untamed realms of Middle-earth.

END OF EPISODE (In Adventuring Phase)
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Re: The Shire Stories - The Fairies Of The Far Downs

Fri 03 May 2024, 16:48

The tale makes me wonder about the nature of the swamp-fairy. Is it a nature spirit? Perhaps a minor Ainu who came to inhabit the swamp long ago?
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Re: The Shire Stories - The Fairies Of The Far Downs

Fri 03 May 2024, 17:24

Interesting your approach, Otaku-sempai. Thank you for your comment. The jury is still out on the true nature of this thing (hahaha!).

I wanted a creature a little meaner than the one in the book who kidnaps travelers to marry them. That doesn't mean that the fairies who marry travelers are no longer there but elsewhere. But for my story, I wanted something like the Old Man Willow.

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Re: The Shire Stories - The Fairies Of The Far Downs

Mon 01 Jul 2024, 06:16

I just found a GENEALOGY with all the types of AINUR, for those who may be interested...

here ... -548183957


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