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Fiery Angels Thoughts [Spoilers]

Posted: Thu 02 May 2024, 23:34
by sanjurotokage
So last night, finished running the second case file Fiery Angels that was streamed on Raldanesh's YouTube.

After completing the case, I must confess it was a struggle and the end event was really confusing given what the PC went through.

Looking back over the case and what the players engage with, there two things happening:

1. I am a lookalike Bootleg reps with one messing with the pc memories (am I human or not?)
2. Lilith Tyrell takeover of Wallace corp - this is a background thing with little clues until the pc get to the end.

The players liked the bootleg rep part as it got them engaged with the plot though the bit with Lilith Tyrell going for Wallace Corp felt disjointed with what was going on and there was little for the players to get involved in and follow up so the end it where they have to get to Wallace Corp and confront the takeover making it disjointed on what the PCs look for.

There too much going on GM to try and follow plus engage with in this Case because they have to handle the PCs follow each scene, handle the lookalike Bladerunners and track events.

I found the Lilith Tyrell plan to be very weak as Wallace it too powerful and just turning up at the end with Nainder Wallace didn't work devaluing anything to the Immortal Game idea.

If running this case again, I would make changes and extend it to give the PC more time to link the connecting dots to Tyrell plan

possible would amend the following :
- have *Ellis* the clone at the interrogation get caught for trying to steal files from important personal at the LAPD instead of Walllace (Wally) corp and the real one is a janitor/cleaner. This would heighten paranoia
- keep the focus on the bootleg rep. as a concern trying to infilirate LAPD Maybe Lilith Tyrell is running it with support for the underground.
- find out the plan to plant certain lookalikes in key areas and control or confuse the issue
- the pc lookalike is breaking free as they see this a reformed slavery. Gains some sympathy with some in the underground while the pc investigate
- keep the climactic ending to either a lab of the bootleggers or in quells office with the rep quell and nainder depending on pc numbers

Anyone else ran it and have their own thoughts.