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The Shire Stories - A Night At The Stone

Wed 17 Apr 2024, 02:54

The Shire Stories - A Night At The Stone
A Solo Roleplaying Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Longo Boffin (a male Hobbit) and a distant nephew of Gerda Boffin living in Overhill. he is rustic and faithfull. he is a great traveler and is on his way to see his great aunt Gerda Boffin but is spending the night at Stone's Throw Inn in the area of the old Three Farthing Stone monument.
- Anorel (a female Elf) and she comes from the Hills of Evendim Elves Community. She is a fruit picker and she has been selling her fruit at Stone's Throw Inn for several years. She is patient and wary.
- Borin (a male Dwarf) and he is a permanent resident at the Stone's Throw Inn for a long time and now a Inn helper. He chops wood. He goes hunting and is an excellent handyman. He is rustic and secretive.
- Thomas Bunce (a male Hobbit) and Father, cook and Innkeeper at The Stone's Throw Inn. He is merry and inquisitive. When he sings, everyone drinks and eats non-stop.
- Gilda Bunce (a female Hobbit) and mother and housekeeper at The Stone's Throw Inn. She is keen-eyed and subtle. She often disappears without saying a word.
- Otho Bunce (a male Hobbit) and son of Thomas and Gilda. He helps at The Stone's Throw Inn and he often goes hunting to bring back wildlife bushmeat. He is eager and inquisitive. He often makes jokes or does tricks and customers give him money as a reward.


As Longo Boffin continues his journey along the East Road towards Hobbiton, his excitement to see his great aunt Gerda Boffin in Overhill fills his heart. Gerda is renowned throughout the Shire for her exceptional skill in growing the best mushrooms in the region, and Longo has always looked up to her with admiration.
Despite the long road ahead, Longo presses on with determination, his feet moving steadily along the familiar path. The sun begins its descent, casting a warm golden glow over the rolling hills of the Shire. Longo knows that soon he will need to find a place to rest for the night and replenish his energy.
"I'll have to stop at the Stone's Throw Inn," Longo murmurs to himself, a smile tugging at his lips. He recalls fond memories of past visits to the cozy inn, with its welcoming atmosphere and hearty meals.
As evening settles in, the air becomes crisp and a gentle breeze rustles through the trees. Longo's keen eyes spot a flickering light in the distance, and his spirits lift as he recognizes the familiar outline of the Stone's Throw Inn against the darkening sky.
Drawing nearer, Longo hears the cheerful sounds of laughter and conversation drifting from within the inn. The inviting scent of freshly baked bread and savory stews wafts through the air, teasing his senses and making his stomach rumble with anticipation.
Pushing open the heavy wooden door, Longo is greeted by the warmth of a crackling fire and the friendly faces of familiar patrons. Thomas Bunce, the jovial innkeeper, bustles about with a welcoming smile, while his wife Gilda moves gracefully among the tables, attending to guests with quiet efficiency.
"Ah, Master Longo!" Thomas exclaims with a hearty laugh, clapping Longo on the back. "A pleasure to see you again, lad! Come, come, let me fetch you a hot meal and a mug of ale to chase away the chill."
Longo settles into a comfortable seat by the fire, his weariness melting away as he enjoys the delicious food and lively atmosphere of the inn. Around him, conversations ebb and flow, tales of distant lands and daring adventures mingling with the familiar chatter of local gossip.


As Longo Boffin savors the delicious Mushroom and Ale Pie and takes a sip of the Berry Blast Stout, the warmth of the Stone's Throw Inn wraps around him like a comforting embrace. The flickering fire casts dancing shadows across the cozy room, adding to the inviting ambiance.
Nearby, a young red-haired elf catches Longo's eye as she watches his meal with evident hunger. Her keen gaze doesn't go unnoticed by Longo, who senses her longing for a good meal. With a friendly smile, he gestures for her to join him at his table.
"Care for a glass of Berry Blast Stout?" Longo offers, pouring a serving for his newfound companion. The elf, named Anorel, accepts gratefully, her eyes brightening at the sight of the hearty meal before her.
As they dine together, Anorel shares snippets of her life in the Hills of Evendim, where her elf community struggles to make ends meet. "I sell my fruit to Thomas and Gilda Bunce," she explains between bites, "it's how we manage to survive in our secluded community."
Longo listens attentively, empathizing with Anorel's situation. "You know, Anorel," he begins thoughtfully, "my great aunt Gerda Boffin knows this region like the back of her hand. She's well-connected and could introduce you to helpful contacts."
Anorel's eyes widen in surprise and gratitude. "That would be incredible," she responds eagerly, her voice tinged with hope.
"I'm heading to Overhill tomorrow, just north of Hobbiton," Longo continues, "you're more than welcome to join me. Gerda will surely be delighted to meet you and offer any assistance she can."
Anorel's face lights up with a smile as she nods enthusiastically. "Yes, perfect," she agrees wholeheartedly, already looking forward to the journey ahead and the possibilities it may bring.
As the evening draws to a close, the warm glow of camaraderie fills the Stone's Throw Inn, bridging the gap between hobbits, elves, and the bonds of friendship that transcend boundaries. Tomorrow promises new adventures and connections, guided by the flickering flames of the hearth and the shared warmth of kindred spirits.


As the evening at the Stone's Throw Inn unfolds, Longo Boffin and Anorel find themselves engrossed in the tales spun by fellow travelers. Guest's words about strange shadows and bad spells lingering near the Three Farthing Stone monument weave a thread of intrigue and apprehension through the air.
"The stories seem to grow more fanciful with each telling," Longo remarks with a hint of skepticism, though a flicker of curiosity dances in his eyes. "Ghosts and spells? It sounds like something out of a bedtime story."
Anorel, her elven features serene yet curious, nods thoughtfully. "Perhaps it's simply the play of moonlight and shadows," she suggests, her voice melodic yet grounded. "But it wouldn't hurt to investigate, just to put these rumors to rest."
As the evening progresses and the tales take on a life of their own among the inn's patrons, Gilda Bunce, with her keen eyes and warm smile, passes by Longo and Anorel's table. Anorel notices the subtle smile that graces Gilda's lips, a silent acknowledgment that doesn't go unnoticed.
"Longo," Anorel leans in slightly, her voice barely above a whisper amidst the lively chatter around them, "why don't we venture out this evening? We can see for ourselves what truth, if any, lies behind these tales."
Longo's eyes widen slightly at Anorel's suggestion, surprised yet intrigued by her bravery. "You know, that's not a bad idea," he admits with a grin. "A serious hobbit and a brave elf uncovering the truth behind ghost stories? It could be quite the adventure."
With a nod of agreement, Anorel adds, "Let's reconvene in an hour, under the cover of night. No one else needs to know our plans."
Unbeknownst to Longo and Anorel, Gilda Bunce, ever observant, catches wind of their whispered conversation. Her smile widens ever so slightly, a glint of amusement and knowing twinkling in her eyes as she continues her rounds through the bustling inn.
As the hour draws near and the inn begins to settle into a quiet lull, Longo and Anorel exchange a determined glance, ready to unravel the mysteries shrouding the Three Farthing Stone monument once and for all. Adventure beckons, and the night holds secrets waiting to be uncovered by the brave and curious.


Under the cloak of night and mist, Longo and Anorel step out of their rooms at the Stone's Throw Inn, determined to unravel the mystery surrounding the Three Farthing Stone monument. As they venture into the foggy night, a shadow slips out from the inn's side door, trailing them silently.
The night seems to grow stranger with every step, filled with eerie sounds and unsettling whispers. Anorel's bravery shines through, her elven grace seemingly unshaken by the ominous atmosphere. Longo, on the other hand, feels a creeping sense of unease settling in. "Maybe we should turn back," Longo suggests tentatively, his voice betraying a hint of fear. Anorel's smile remains steady as she teases, "Scared, Longo?" Longo tries to mask his apprehension with a chuckle. "Not at all," he replies, though his eyes dart nervously at every rustle in the underbrush.
Suddenly, a haunting whine pierces the night, resembling the eerie call of an owl. Longo instinctively grips Anorel's arm as they both spot a white figure moving like a specter in the mist. The ghostly shape emits plaintive moans, sending a chill down Longo's spine. Terrified, Longo suggests retreat, but Anorel's laughter rings out. "Look at it closely, Longo," she urges between giggles.
Confusion and fear mingle as Longo watches the ghostly figure make a clumsy dash to escape, its movements far from supernatural grace. Anorel's laughter only grows louder as she sets off in pursuit, her curiosity piqued.
The chase leads them to the grounds of a nearby private residence, where a vigilant guard dog, sensing an intruder, leaps into action. The ghost, now revealed as a person in white robes, lets out a yelp of pain as the dog's bite finds its mark. With a final scream, the ghost darts into a thicket of trees, vanishing from sight.
Breathless from the excitement and laughter, Anorel finally slows down as Longo catches up, his eyes wide with a mix of adrenaline and disbelief. "Why are you laughing?" Longo asks incredulously. "We just encountered a ghost!"
Anorel's laughter subsides into a warm smile as she explains, "Do you truly believe a ghost would run, get bitten, and scream like that? It was just someone playing a prank, Longo. A rather convincing one, I admit."
Longo's initial fear gives way to amusement as he realizes the truth in Anorel's words. The mysterious ghostly encounter turns out to be a playful charade, leaving the two adventurers with a tale to share and a newfound camaraderie forged in the midst of the night's antics.


As the golden light of morning filters through the windows of the Stone's Throw Inn, Longo and Anorel emerge from their room, ready to start the day with a hearty breakfast. The common room gradually fills with the chatter and laughter of other guests, each one adding a layer of warmth to the cozy atmosphere.
Amidst the bustling morning routine, Anorel's keen eyes don't miss the slight limp in Gilda Bunce's step as she goes about her tasks. Their gazes meet, and in that silent exchange, understanding passes between them. Gilda, recognizing Anorel's perceptiveness, approaches their table with a friendly smile despite her discomfort.
"We can't hide much from you," Gilda admits with a chuckle, her eyes twinkling with a mix of gratitude and sincerity. Anorel returns the smile, her demeanor gentle yet reassuring. "Don't worry, Mrs. Bunce. Your secret is safe with us," she assures, placing a comforting hand on Gilda's shoulder.
Longo, ever the jovial hobbit, chimes in with a teasing remark, "Ah, so it's Gilda the Ghost haunting the Three Farthing Stone monument, then?" His laughter fills the air, unaware of the true situation. Anorel chuckles softly, her eyes twinkling mischievously as she gently corrects Longo, "You never seem to understand, Longo." She shoots him a playful grin, their camaraderie evident in their shared amusement.
Gilda, grateful for their understanding and discretion, nods appreciatively. "Business at the Stone's Throw has plummeted in recent months. We had no choice but to invent this story. Thank you both. It means a lot to us," she expresses sincerely, her gaze moving from Anorel to Longo with a warm smile.
The breakfast continues in a cheerful atmosphere, filled with shared stories and hearty laughter. As they enjoy their meal, Longo listens with interest as Gilda shares tales of the inn's history and the vibrant characters who have passed through its doors over the years. Anorel, her eyes bright with curiosity, absorbs every detail, her appreciation for the inn and its occupants growing with each passing moment.
Amidst the clinking of dishes and the cheerful banter, a sense of camaraderie and understanding settles over the table—a bond forged not only by shared adventures but also by the trust and respect woven between newfound friends in the heart of the Shire.


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