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Regions of Middle-earth

Mon 15 Apr 2024, 20:07

I used to have a list of Regions in Middle-earth, but as I look at my current list I realize there's some areas missing (like The Shire). Does anybody know of a good list somewhere?

Here's what I've got so far:

East of Mirkwood
Withered Heath
Northern Dalelands
Long Marshes
The Waste
Upper Marches
Nether Marches
East Rhovanion
East Blight
Iron Hills

East of the Misty Mountains
Vale of Gundabad
Grey Mountains
Grey Mountain Narrows
West Upper Vales
East Upper Vales
West Middle Vales
East Middle Vales
West Anduin Vales
East Anduin Vales
West Nether Vales
East Nether Vales
Dimril Dale
Grey Meadows
Brown Lands

Mirkwood Regions
Northern Mirkwood
Woodland Realm
Western Mirkwood
Mountains of Mirkwood
Western Eaves
Heart of Mirkwood
Southern Mirkwood

The Mountain Regions
Mount Gundabad
Northern Misty Mountains
High Pass
Goblin Town
Central Misty Mountains
Mountain Pass
Redhorn Pass
Southern Misty Mountains

West of the Misty Mountains
Mountains of Angmar
Mount Gram
North Lone-Lands
The Angle
Southern Lone-Lands
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Re: Regions of Middle-earth

Wed 17 Apr 2024, 19:06

I went through the various maps (from the old Cubicle 7 games) and added some more. I'm now up to 120 Regions.
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Re: Regions of Middle-earth

Thu 18 Apr 2024, 22:00

What about the regions of Gondor and the South (Khand, Harad, etc.)? We can also go farther in Rhun with the Sea of Rhun, the Orocarni (Mountains of the East) and more. I suggest checking out Karen Wynn Fonstad's The Atlas of Middle-earth.

Um, Lothlorien?

West of the Misty Mountains we also have the Shire, Bree-land, the Blue Mountains, the Grey Havens, the Gulf of Lune, Harlindon, Forlindon, the Ice Bay of Forochel, and a few other regions that you've neglected.

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