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Affiance and Allegiance

Posted: Sat 13 Apr 2024, 15:56
by RolyOtter
Are we ever going to be filled in on what happened to the colony ships Affiance and Allegiance?

We know that the Concordat and the Arceon were successful, and we can pretty much guess what became of the Covenant (hopefully Romulus will clue us in a bit more).

It would be great if an upcoming module shed some more light on this.

Re: Affiance and Allegiance

Posted: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 17:10
by _ArthurDallas_
Hi RolyOtter,

Sorry buddy, can you give me the reference because Affiance or Allegiance or Concordat or Arceon don't give me a clue.
Truly sorry ... I will do some "google search" about this.
I should have "google search" this before writing to you.
l'll get back.


Re: Affiance and Allegiance

Posted: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 17:27
by _ArthurDallas_
okay ...

affiance-class is the Covenant ship.
Concordat was the affiance-class ship that became the colony in the Hyades Cluster.
Arceon is the Vincent Ward monk wooden planet for Alien 3 (never done) and was also a ship ...

j-man those are all names for affiance-class ships (Covenant in 2104, Concordat in 2105, the Arceon, Affiance and Allegiance in 2106) I was slow for this ....

I know where you are going with this. Ya reference to it in Alien Romulus would be great. I don't know if you want to know it all. I will give you one information not everything. The xenomorph in Alien Romulus has some reference to the xenomorph in the Alien 1979 movie. that's all I'm giving you ....

P.S. Ya stories, new cinematic adventure or module (for the Alien RPG) about those ships (Covenant, Concordat, Arceon, Affiance, Allegiance) would be great.