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The Lost Worlds Campaign - Story 5B Play Report

Thu 04 Apr 2024, 23:57

The Lost Worlds Campaign - Story 5B Play Report
Expedition 4B - UPP DEAD IN SPACE
- Captain Drubov (male) is the Captain of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps. Drobov ahs meet Captain Fry of the UNCSS Solovetsky Island on a mission. They work together from now on in their exploration of this new universe.
- Darya (female) is the Executive Officer of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps. She is a AVA series Synthetic.
- Viktor (male) is the Chef Engineer of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps.
- Nikolay (male) is the Pilot of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps.
- Tanya (female) is the Science Officer of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps.
- Ivan (male) is the Security Officer of the SSV Volkov of the UPP Cosmos Exploration Corps.


In the heart of the vast expanse of space, aboard the UNCSS Solovetsky Island, Colonel Drubov and Captain Fry stand side by side on the bridge, their gazes fixed on the cosmic canvas before them.
"Without you, Captain Fry, I would have been lost on KOI-610.01 May Outpost," Drubov begins, his voice grave with sincerity. "I owe you my life, and I am a man of my word with an unwavering sense of duty." Fry nods, her eyes reflecting both respect and curiosity. "I appreciate your candor, Colonel. What's on your mind?"
Leaning in closer, Drubov's voice drops to a whisper, laden with a heavy burden. "General Nurlan Ozolinski isn't entirely forthcoming with the Great Mother Expedition. He's been dispatching ships to this quadrant long before your departure. I fear he may attempt to seize control of the mission." Fry's brow furrows in concern. "Thank you for entrusting me with this information, Colonel. I'll relay it to my superiors and ensure proper monitoring of Ozolinski." "But why confide in me?" Fry inquires, her gaze searching Drubov's face.
Drubov meets her gaze unwaveringly. "Because, Captain, you saved my life. I trust you, and I believe together, we can navigate the challenges of the Spinward Colonies Quadrant."
Before further words can be exchanged, the pilot of the Solovetsky Island, Andi Dudge, interrupts with urgent news. "Captain Fry, Colonel Drubov, we've detected a distressed vessel nearby."
Fry and Drubov pivot towards the computer console as Drubov continues. "It's a UPP signature. Captain Ivanov's SSV Sokol. The ship has suffered severe damage, lost air and power. It's adrift, without direction. We need to investigate."
Fry nods in agreement. "Colonel, can you lead the mission? Our engines are undergoing maintenance for the next three hours." "Absolutely," Drubov replies without hesitation. "We'll take the SSV Volkov."
With purposeful strides, Colonel Drubov makes his way to the SSV Volkov, his trusted crew awaiting his command. Darya, Viktor, Nikolay, Tanya, and Ivan stand ready on the bridge, anticipation tingling in the air.
"Gather round, my comrades," Drubov addresses his crew. "We have a mission ahead of us. The fate of Captain Ivanov and the SSV Sokol rests in our hands. Let's move swiftly and with precision."
As the crew springs into action, their resolve is tested by the unknown dangers that await them. But united by duty and honor, they embark on their mission, determined to uncover the truth hidden amidst the stars.


As the SSV Volkov glides closer to the distressed SSV Sokol, tension hangs thick in the air. The violent aftermath of the explosion is evident as the side hatch of the Sokol lies blown off, a stark reminder of the chaos that unfolded within.
Nikolay, the seasoned pilot of the Volkov, skillfully maneuvers the ship to join its hatch with the Sokol's, allowing air to flow into the damaged vessel. "Secure access," Nikolay reports. "Air transfer successful. No further breaches detected."
Viktor, the chief engineer of the Volkov, nods determinedly. "I'll work on repairing the Sokol's hatch system or constructing a makeshift one. You investigate the ship," he suggests to Colonel Drubov. "Agreed," Drubov responds, his eyes scanning the desolate interior of the Sokol. "Darya, Tanya, Ivan, with me. Nikolay, Viktor, hold position here on the Volkov."
With purposeful strides, Drubov and his team embark onto the Sokol, their senses alert to the eerie silence that envelops the vessel. Power is cut, casting the ship into darkness, save for the faint glow of emergency lights.
"We need to restore power first," Darya declares, her voice resolute. "Let's head to the bridge." As they reach the bridge, a scene of devastation unfolds before them. It lies in ruins, evidence of a deliberate demolition. "They used a demolition charge to destroy the bridge," Darya observes, her brow furrowing in concern.
"We should make our way to engineering," Tanya suggests, her tone cautious yet determined. "We can restart the power and access the ship's systems for more information." Drubov nods in agreement, his eyes narrowing with determination. "Let's move."
Navigating through the tactical area, cluttered with computer consoles and storage crates, the team splits up. Tanya and Drubov head towards the central computer to gather information, while Ivan and Darya scour the surroundings for any clues.
Tanya's fingers fly over the keys as she accesses the ship's archives, her eyes scanning the data for any signs of what transpired aboard the Sokol. "It appears they were attacked from within," she reveals, her voice tinged with disbelief. "And there are crates from the Darkstar program here." Drubov's expression darkens at the mention of the Darkstar program, a covert bioweapon development initiative involving xenomorphs. "Be cautious," he warns. "The situation just got a lot more dangerous."
"Over here," Darya calls out, her voice echoing through the dimly lit chamber. The group converges on three ominous crates, their contents shrouded in mystery. With trepidation, they open the crates to reveal ovomorph eggs, their lids already peeled back. Drubov's jaw tightens as he assesses the situation. "We need to proceed with extreme caution. The facehuggers could be loose," he cautions, explaining the gravity of the xenomorph threat to his team.
Quickly, they relay the alarming discovery to Nikolay and Viktor on the Volkov, warning them to remain vigilant as they navigate the treacherous waters of the Sokol. In the shadows of deception, the true danger lurks, waiting to reveal itself in the darkness of space.


As Colonel Drubov and his team search the depths of the SSV Sokol for any sign of the missing crew, tension hangs heavy in the air. Despite their efforts, the ship remains eerily silent, its corridors shrouded in darkness.
"Still no signs of the crew," Drubov grimly announces, his voice echoing through the desolate ship. "Darya, the crew manifest, please," Drubov requests, his tone urgent. Darya swiftly complies, her fingers dancing over the console as she retrieves the information. "Captain Ivanov, Executive Officer Petrova, Chief Engineer Yuri, Pilot Anastasia, and Science Officer Sergei," she lists off the names.
"We need to find them," Tanya insists, her eyes scanning their surroundings warily. "They could be in survival mode in the cryo bunks." "Agreed," Drubov responds, determination flashing in his eyes. "Let's head downstairs."
Navigating through the darkened corridors, the group presses onward, their senses on high alert. Strange noises echo through the ship, sending shivers down their spines as they approach the crew quarters. "The hatch is locked," Tanya observes, her brow furrowing in frustration. "I'll bypass the circuit."
With a deft hand, Tanya overrides the lock, and the door slides open, revealing a chilling scene. Petrova's synthetic body lies on the ground, white blood staining the floor around her. Her head is severed from her body, a gruesome sight that sends a shiver down their spines. "I'll try connecting her head to my battery," Tanya suggests, her voice steady despite the horror before them.
As Petrova's synthetic head comes to life, her words send a chill down their spines. "Captain Ivanov wanted to return to Earth," she reveals, her voice crackling like an old radio. "But the central computer had a hidden program by the Ministry of Space Security (MSS). The special crates opened, releasing the creatures inside. The crew is all dead."
Drubov clenches his fists in anger, his jaw tight with frustration. "Damn the Ministry," he curses. "They want us dead. We can't trust them anymore."
With their trust shattered and danger lurking in the shadows, Drubov and his team must navigate the treacherous depths of the Sokol.


As the crew of the SSV Volkov prepares to depart from the haunting remnants of the SSV Sokol, Tanya extends her gratitude to Petrova, promising to repair her damaged synthetic form back on their own ship. With Petrova's body and head safely secured in a bag, the group ventures out into the dimly lit corridor, their senses on high alert.
Ivan takes the lead, but before they can make their escape, the last remaining Xenomorph emerges from the shadows, striking with deadly precision. Ivan falls, his life extinguished in an instant, leaving Drubov, Darya, and Tanya frozen in terror as the Xenomorph blocks their path to safety.
With quick thinking, Darya recognizes the faulty electrical circuit nearby. With steady hands, she bypasses the circuit, rigging up an improvised electroshock conduit. As the Xenomorph lunges forward, it falls into the trap, convulsing as the high-voltage surge courses through its body, incapacitating it temporarily.
Seizing the opportunity, the group retreats towards the main deck of the Volkov, their hearts pounding with adrenaline as they rush to safety. Once aboard, Drubov wastes no time, ordering Nikolay to disengage from the Sokol and launch a missile to destroy the treacherous vessel.
As the Sokol erupts into flames, Drubov addresses his shaken crew, his voice heavy with determination. "Ivan's sacrifice will not be in vain," he declares. "We now know the true extent of the Ministry of Space Security's betrayal. It's one more reason to trust Captain Fry and the crew of the UNCSS Solovetsky Island."
The crew is silent, grappling with the weight of Ivan's death and the betrayal they've endured. But amidst the turmoil, a newfound resolve takes root, binding them together as they face the unknown dangers that lie ahead in the vast expanse of space. In the shadows of sacrifice, they find strength, forging ahead with unwavering determination to uncover the truth and seek justice for their fallen comrade.
Before joining the UNCSS Solovetsky Island, Drubov goes into the main cargo on the main deck of the SSV Volkov. With the help of Viktor, they eject the 3 special crates from the Ministry Of Space Security. The 3 crates disappear into space, close to the wreck of the Sokol.

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Re: The Lost Worlds Campaign - Story 5B Play Report

Thu 04 Apr 2024, 23:58

Cinematic designs here : ... ay_report/

More designs and stuff here :

Enjoy your games.

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Re: The Lost Worlds Campaign - Story 5B Play Report

Mon 15 Apr 2024, 19:20

Another fun report, ArthurDallas. This one felt a lot more pure scifi-horror, with a betrayal thriller element to it too.

Great stuff, mate :)
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Re: The Lost Worlds Campaign - Story 5B Play Report

Tue 16 Apr 2024, 16:51

Yes thanks Angelman.

This was almost an Alien 1979 episode with an ASH head leaking milk in it (hahahah).
It was fun.

p.s. expedition 5 is done, just have to write it. I'll may be do some THE SHIRE adventures (The One Ring RPG) for a month to calm the speed of the campaign. I have read the Expedition 6 (Lost Worlds Campaign) and preps are on the way.


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