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The VTT implementation is underwhelming, please FreeLeague pay the dev for another pass of improvements.

Wed 20 Mar 2024, 11:34

Please pay the dev in charge of Forbidden Lands VTT Foundry implementation to FINISH THE JOB. Many details are not on par with the new standards. Thinking for instance about how far ALIEN and Symbaroum implementations have pushed the limits. This FBL VTT Foundry is lacking in flexibility and optional automations. Please, Free League keep supporting that game's VTT and pay the dev aMediocreDad for another pass of upgrading and improving that system. This was left infinished, unpolished, abandonned mid-way.

-some links are wrong
-character sheet is unscalable
-dark mode is horrible
-sheets are horribly eye-crushing white, need a parchment mode
-parrying with shield doesn't change the modifiers available
-BoB random encounter tables are missing entry 66
-the monsters fear attacks have a damage rating of 0...

what else have you guys noted that needs improvement?

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