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Essential Tables for the GM?

Wed 28 Feb 2024, 05:48

I haven't had an opportunity yet to pick up the GM Screen, but since I'm trying to set up a campaign I was wondering what tables everyone feels would be essential on a "GM Screen" if you were putting one together for yourself?
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Re: Essential Tables for the GM?

Mon 01 Apr 2024, 00:24

I think the NPC creation tables are essential, and don't involve more than a D66
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Re: Essential Tables for the GM?

Thu 11 Apr 2024, 04:45

I think npc reaction is also important. As well as basic stats for weapons and a messing up table.

As you play more you will memorize more, also you will know which tables you are looking up regularly as well.
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Re: Essential Tables for the GM?

Tue 16 Apr 2024, 15:24

I seldom use GM screens, but for this game I do, at least when we play campaigns. It is so much driven by content from tables, both on a "big picture level" and in specific scenes and conflicts. So I would use that, and I tend to need even more tables than there are on the screen. But if I would say some essentials it would be the table for NPC reactions, the encounter tables, tables for fighting a swarm. Perhaps the table for critical hits. I tend to use the 2 tables for randomly creating a walker (past and wounds), and the tables in the appendix for creating NPCs. One way is to mark the pages in the book with paperclips or something.

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