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Post-Play questions to earn XP

Mon 29 Jan 2024, 19:04

I'm having issues with question #2: Have you been in trouble because of your Problem or Relationships?
For a player to earn that XP, how much effort do they need to involve it?
Does the GM need to incorporate settings that challenges each kid's Problems/Relationships? That requires the GM to know the kids' Problems.
Or, is it up to the player/kid to introduce the issue?

I ask because many of my player kids have VERY specific Problems such as (tension at home because of dad's job change, when we graduate I'm afraid my friends will go to different schools, parents are getting divorced, etc.). Should i suggest those players change their Problem to something more in-game playable?

Myself and another GM in our group are considering just giving that XP as free along with the always earned 1st question (did you participate) and 5th question (have you learned something new).
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Re: Post-Play questions to earn XP

Wed 31 Jan 2024, 18:50

This question is to encourage the players to bring their character's background into the story, so it should be player driven. In your examples the players could react with jealously, mistrust or anger instead of cooperating to solve the mystery - this added complication is player focused and can transform simple rote scenes into a dramatically charged event. Remember that they are playing kids who may redirect their troubles onto others as a way to deal with them.
If a player makes a simple scene more challenging by bringing their problems into the mix, they deserve the XP

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