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Needing a short adventure recommendation

Posted: Sun 28 Jan 2024, 05:36
by Harl Quinn
I'm looking to run a short (4 hours max) adventure for Vaesen at my FLGS next month and I'm in need of a recommendation. The intro adventure in the book says it may take two to three sessions to complete, and there's no suggestion on the number of sessions it would take for the adventures in the Mythic Britain & Ireland book. I've got the Cornish Vaesen supplement as well as a number of other community-produced scenarios. Does anyone have a recommendation for a short adventure?



Re: Needing a short adventure recommendation

Posted: Mon 29 Jan 2024, 17:07
by psullie
Dance of Dreams can easily be run in one session, I have often done it at Cons. The advice is to drop the planning phase and start play as they approach the inn with a brief intro about the invitation,