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Replay suitability?

Sat 25 Nov 2023, 20:02

I love the Blade Runner films, and consider the 1982 movie to be not just a classic Sci-Fi movie, but one of the top ten movies ever made. So I'm very interested in buying the RPG but....

I've read a few reviews that question the replayability of the game given that there's only so much anguishing over the question of are replicants as (if not more) human than any one player can go through before he/she moves on.

So my genuine query to GMs and players alike is - does the Blade Runner RPG have ongoing replay value? The Black Friday price is a bit of a steal for something I can return to again and again, but expensive for something that is amazing (all the reviews are great) but which can only be played a couple of times max.
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Re: Replay suitability?

Sat 25 Nov 2023, 20:41

Hi HeartyMonk,
Very good question indeed! This is my take. Being a TTRPG gamer of many many years, I'd say that nothing compares to the quality and feel of Blade Runner game, its handouts, maps and other props. The game mechanics are easy, but the depth of playing is great. Its about morals and choices and exploring humanity. It captures the feel and subtext of the BR movies. I'd say, the retail price for the core rulebook and the starter set box is worth it for a one time play through only. If your'e on a budget, skip the rule book as a rules booklet is included in the starter set, which has everything you need to play. If your'e looking for a great gaming experience, it's worth the money, especially at Black Friday pricing. Some reviews seem a bit superficial on the point of replayability, I think. This game is somewhat similar to Call of Cathulhu or games where you have a similar task of role as a player, not an epic fantasy adventure game. (If you are Swedish, it come close to Kult in some ways.)
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Re: Replay suitability?

Sun 26 Nov 2023, 02:58

The BLADE RUNNER RPG looks like a one-hit wonder - but not once you get really into it.

There are two fully built out case files already: Electric Dreams and Fiery Angels.

More Immortal Game cases are planned.

But most importantly, the core book has an entire chapter on constructing new case files.
There are six case file themes provided.
Each theme has 6-10 starting assignments within each theme.
That gives you seeds for more than 36 additional cases.

Finally, a Replicant Rebellion sourcebook is on the way.

So... I guess my take is that there are two campaigns (Immortal Game and Rebellion) and dozens of other cases that I can spin in whatever direction I like.

And that seems like a pretty good chunk of replayability from what's already provided and more from what is already announced.
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