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Questions about some spells effects

Wed 20 Sep 2023, 09:25


In our latest session our sorcerer was trying to cast a list of different spells and some questions appeared after that:
1) Spell BIND DEMON and BLOODLING -> Can the Sorcerer cast this spell to bind Bloodling which appeared in front of him? If yes, then how Bllodling should perform his Insight roll if he doesn't have any Wits or Insight Skill?
2) Spell SUNDER (from Bitter Reach) and EARTHQUAKE -> How exactly work on buildings or objects without Gear Bonus - is there anywhere in the book some description of the Duralibity of objects?

SUNDER: Breaking the invisible bonds holding physical matter together, you split apart any object. Using this spell, you can break any non-living and non-magical object. For each Power Level, the item loses one point of Gear Bonus or suffers ten points of damage. Armor has no effect.

3) Casting a spell which doing Agility damage on Monsters ( Stun spell for example) - do we then remove points from Monster Agility or still even if the damage is for Agility should remove Hit Points from Monster Strength?
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Re: Questions about some spells effects

Wed 20 Sep 2023, 14:51

I don't think there are any definite answers, but here are my thoughts:

1. Bloodlings should probably count as "true" demons (born in another realm of existence) according to the lore, and therefore CAN be affected by the spell, unless you as a GM thinks otherwise.
If they cannot perform an insight roll, they simply do not do that. They likely do not have Wits and Empathy as they are to alien fo humans to communicate with them, just like dogs do not have it in our realm. A certain person in the lore could communicate with them though, so they do have some basic intelligence. But I would still go with that you automatically succeed. Just like if they are of significantly lower intelligence than ordinary demons, but if you want to make them more like regular demons in your world, you could just use normal demon stats for these attributes.

2. No there isn't, just armor rating for said objects (PH, page 105). So you probably have to wing it?
I would say that 2-3* swings against an object with a 2-h heavy weapon (greataxe or maul) from a strong character could equate to around 10 hit points? So just use common sense? I would give furniture 1-2 hp, a wooden door 2-10 depending on what it is meant to protect against, a normally large tree 15? (a tree should counts as living though, so sunder would not work against it).
(Also note that these hp calculations are from trying to break it to pieces using the "correct" weapon of choice. Just shooting arrows at a wooden door, would not make it fall apart)
* if it the object has low armor/high armor.

3. The stun spell has no effect on monsters. Other spells that deal non-strength damage should probably not work against monsters. The parch spell (BR, page 23-24) is missing this information though. It will be gamebreakingly powerful if you do allow it against monsters.
I use a house rule to allow all spells like stun and parch to be able to affect monsters, but the damage they do are then just converted to Strength damage.

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