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Friendly Fun Adventure Site

Posted: Mon 04 Sep 2023, 17:38
by Tarostar
Ok, I want to try and get some curious young teenagers into playing Forbidden Lands.

I'm looking for an adventure site and/or village that can hook them and get them interested in the world. I get that travelling/exploring is the fun part, but I know that being young and new to roleplaying they need a bit of direction and purpose.

Anyone have a FL or generic adventure site that is interesting, fun and engaging - maybe something with fantastic creatures, fun magical entities or a bit wacky, silly, fey or colourful?

English, Swedish, paid or free doesn't matter if it is something that might work.

Re: Friendly Fun Adventure Site

Posted: Mon 04 Sep 2023, 20:39
by Sennah001

You might want to read the adventure sight in the Bloodmarch book called SALTERSTAY, or SALTHÃ…LL in Swedish. It might be just the thing you are after :).

Best Regards

Re: Friendly Fun Adventure Site

Posted: Fri 08 Sep 2023, 15:07
by Tarostar
Thank you, SALTERSTAY is bonkers. I like it. I think I might use that as the first adventure sites. GRAVEYARD OF THUNDER from The Spire of Quetzel is also pretty rocking and might work. :D