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Monter Conversion: Demon - Barlgura

Wed 30 Aug 2023, 04:49

Something a little different...Enjoy!

Ferocity: 2 Size: Large
Move: 10 Armor: 4 HP: 48
1 Demonic Dread! The demon hisses terrifying threats in an ancient and terrible tongue. All player characters within 10 meters suffer a fear attack.
2 Foul Bite! The barlgura bites a player character with its nasty, fang-filled maw, inflicting 3D8 slashing damage.
3 Sweeping Blow! The barlgura sweeps its long, simian arms around, hitting all characters within 2 meters. The attack inflicts 2D6 bludgeoning damage on each victim.
4 Leaping Attack! The barlgura leaps high in the air and comes crashing down on an adventurer, who suffers 2D10 bludgeoning damage and is knocked down.
5 Entangling Thorns! With a wave of its hand, the barlgura ensnares its victim in blackened roots and thick, thorny vines. The victim is unable to move. Breaking free requires an EVADE roll. Each attempt counts as an action in combat. Only one attempt is allowed per round, but others can help.
6 Illusory Doom! The barlgura causes player characters within 10 meters of it to think they see raging fires rise up all around them, covering them in sheets of flame (the illusion can be pretty much anything harmful). The player characters must roll against WIL to see through the illusion. Those who fail think they are burning and suffer D6 damage and lose their next turn if they have not already acted in the round. The attack cannot be dodged.


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