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Creature Conversions - Beholder (maybe)

Wed 23 Aug 2023, 22:12

Greetings again!
So I'm not at all sure I'm happy with this one. Again, i tried to base any abilities of existing precedents. A couple of notes...

I did not try to do any anti magic field. Just didn't seem to fit in DB, though i did give it resistance to magic.
I dropped slow (i could not find a precedent i was happy with, and instead just put the creatures bite attack in the list. I figured 10 options was more than enough.

Anyhow... please critique. I just did this on a whim, so I'm sure there's better ways... but who knows.

Ferocity: 3
Size: Large Move: 6 (fly)
Armor: 5 HP: 28
Hovering: Beholders cannot be toppled or knocked prone.
Resistance: Beholders have resistance to damage from spells.
Rays: All of the beholders’ rays have a range of 36 meters.

1 Bite! The beholder opens its gigantic maw of gnarly teeth and take a bite at a player. The attack inflicts 2D10 damage.

2 Domination Ray! The beholder attempts to take complete control of a player character’s actions. The target of the ray must make WIL roll with a bane (not an action). If it fails, the victim must immediately make a movement and perform an action of the beholder’s choice, except any action that requires spending WP. The victim also loses their next turn.

3 Sleep! Per the spell Sleep, the target of the ray must succeed with a WIL roll, with a bane (not an action) or fall into a deep sleep for one stretch. If the roll succeeds, the victim still gets Dazed. A sleeping person is very difficult to wake but wakes up upon taking damage. The spell can only be used on the living and has no effect on monsters.

4 Paralyze! A victim hit by this ray must make a roll against WIL (not an action). On failure their body becomes rigid and stiff as a board. The victim can no longer move or perform any actions whatsoever. A successful WIL roll will end the paralysis (but takes an action to do so).

5 Fear! The player character hit by this ray suffers a fear attack.

6 Telekinetic Toss! The beholder’s ray lifts its victim off the ground and tosses it 2D8 meters backwards with tremendous force, suffering the same amount of bludgeoning damage, and landing prone.

7 Petrification! This beam targets the player character with the highest current HP. The victim must make a roll against WIL (not an action). On failure their body turns to stone and the victim can no longer move or perform any actions whatsoever, but also cannot take damage. A petrified victim dies after 2D6 rounds, but the petrifaction can be reversed with a successful WIL roll. While still alive, the victim may roll once per turn. The DISPEL spell (Power level 1) can also undo the petrifaction, but only if the victim is still alive.

8 Enervation! A bolt of energy hits the target for 2D10 damage and incurs a condition of the target’s choice.

9 Disintegration!: A scorching beam tears into the player character causing 2D12 points of fire damage. Amor has no effect.

10 Death Ray! A deadly black bolt strikes directly through the targets body, inflicting 2D10 points of damage and causes the target to become scared. Armor has no effect.

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