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Monster Conversions: Displacer Beast

Mon 21 Aug 2023, 22:17

Another entry for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think, especially in regard to the Displacement feature...

Ferocity: 2 Size: Large
Move: 12 Armor: None HP: 38
Displacement: Any attacks directed specifically at the Displacer beast are made at a bane. If hit, this feature is disrupted until next round on its first initiative card. Area effects ignore this feature.
1 Vicious Bite! The displacer beast bites a player character with its tooth-filled maw inflicting 3d8 slashing damage.
2 Claw Attack! The beast charges a player character, knocking them down, and tearing at them with its sharp claws. The attack inflicts 2D8 damage, plus D6 since the victim is prone.
3 Tentacle Strike! The tentacles on the beasts great shoulders lash out at two player characters causing 2D6 piercing damage.
4 Pouncing Attack! The great cat launches itself at the player character with the highest STR within 10 meters. The victim suffers 3d6 damage and is knocked down.
5 Sweeping Tentacles! The displacer beast whirls its tentacles wildly about it, attacking all player characters within 2 meters. Each victim suffers 2D6 piercing damage.
6 Intimidating Growl: The displacer beast growls a warning while flaring out its tentacles in a frightening display of intimidation. All enemies within 10 meters, must all make a WIL roll to resist fear (p. 52)


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