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combat stance and engagement chart

Tue 15 Aug 2023, 07:56

created this for home use, might be useful for others as well. This chart (map?) can be used with minis or tokens to help tracking combat: who is engaged with whom, and what stance each Player-hero fights in a combat. I plan to use it when the battliefield is not so complicated to require an actual map of the surroundings. ... drive_link

If not obvious: the Player-heroes stand each at the point of an arrow (pointy space for forward stance, mid-space for open stance, back space for defensive stance). Heroes in rearward stance stand in the middle arena.
Adversaries engaged stand of the Ring of the Enemy (see the thematic matching, eh?), in front of the hero they are engaged with. Unengaged adversaries stand in the back space for ranged attackers.

Any comments or suggestions very welcome!

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