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After The Shire

Tue 08 Aug 2023, 03:21

Hi All,

I am about to play Part Four of the Shire, and my group has been loving it. I have been thinking about the future and starting a game where they can create all their unique characters.

I am a new DM with the Shire Adventures being my first campaign, and I am overwhelmed with where to start.

What has everyone else done?

I haven't preordered the supplements yet. I want to check they are all keen to keep going.
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Re: After The Shire

Tue 08 Aug 2023, 23:37

'You all meet in an inn' can be traced almost directly to The Prancing Pony, and there's about no other place in Eriador where an Elf of Lindon, a Dwarf of Erebor (or the Blue Mountains) and a couple Hobbits and Men can sit down together, eat some good food, and discuss what dangerous shenanigans they're going to get up to next. And, as long as you've got the core rules, you've got about as many adventure hooks as we could squeeze into the space available, with many of them hooking into later releases for expansion opportunities.
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Re: After The Shire

Tue 08 Aug 2023, 23:46

I'm itching to run the Tales of Eriador with a few tweaks of my own. My issue is that my gaming group fell apart and it's so difficult to find players. I am totally uninterested in online playing and all the game shops around me run DnD AL only. If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and is interested, let me know.
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Re: After The Shire

Tue 22 Aug 2023, 22:14

I ran the Shire Adventures but modified them to lead to a new campaign in Eriador. We didn't use the pre-generated characters because we wanted to use the same ones going forward. I have a nameless thing that is manipulating the denizens of Rhudaur. They haven't found it yet...
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Re: After The Shire

Sun 17 Sep 2023, 22:49

A few thoughts:

(1) Consider a campaign around Bree. It's near the shire, so a good "next step" location. Has an intersection of two major roads. Lots of space for players to explore. Tales from Eriador would seem to be a natural progression, if only it would come out in printed form. I have the PDF but haven't really looked into it much, but the first chapter of the adventure seems to start in Bree.

(2) The old Cubicle-7 AiME rules system had some excellent modules, and the Mirkwood sourcebook jumps out at me as potentially a long-term campaign. The problem is that I don't know yet how to convert from one system to another. Both are 5E, so it sounds simple, but AiME goes from levels 1-20 and LotRR covers 1-10 so there is a scaling issue. What I would like to do (when I have time and/or think about it) is to look for common monsters such as orcs and see how they are statted out in both systems, with the hope that it would give me some sort of conversion model. I just keep forgetting to do it when I have both rulebooks handy. :(

(3) Moria will come out in the Spring, I believe, and that's a megadungeon just begging to be explored.

So, I think I would investigate moving the campaign into Bree and perhaps use the Eriador sourcebook, then move west into either Mirkwood or Moria. I think that's my general plan for my home campaign once I get it rolling.
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