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So What's Next

Sat 01 Jul 2023, 00:21

As the title suggests what do you plan on doing next?
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Re: So What's Next

Sun 02 Jul 2023, 04:24

I have a nagging concern that FL won't be supporting this game and that its more of a licence cash grab. I hope I'm wrong as I'd love to see expanded exploration and Haven rules.
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Re: So What's Next

Sun 02 Jul 2023, 21:52

I don't think they'll go for "one and done", but the sheer number of products (licensed and otherwise) that they are juggling at the minute probably won't lead to a fast release schedule, especially when you take the approvals process into account.

Blade Runner released around 6 months ago, and we haven't really heard anything about forthcoming products, beyond the odd comment and hints at an over-arching campaign in the printed adventure. Pre-orders for the new Alien release "Building Better Worlds" happened 2 months ago, and those of us who pre-ordered still haven't seen the pre-release PDF (which normally gets sent straight away with pre-orders). The One Ring is only just about get another adventure book and even products without an obvious approvals process aren't swift: how long did Urban Operations take to turn up for Twilight 2000 (and we still haven't seen the reworked "Black Madonna" from the KS or any word on when "Hostile Waters" will be available).

I love Free League's stuff, and own quite a lot of it, but I'm getting used to basically accepting that the core book release for a line will have to keep me going for a year or so......
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Re: So What's Next

Mon 03 Jul 2023, 13:45

TWD do not really need supplements as the game is written to stand on its own legs. You can play any number of campaigns using what is in the core book, as it is a toolbox for you to use. But I think there still will be more products. What would you find useful?

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