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Foundry v11

Posted: Sat 27 May 2023, 10:54
by Pripyat
Anyone have info if the Ruins of Symbaroum foundry module works with Foundry v11?

Re: Foundry v11

Posted: Fri 01 Sep 2023, 22:45
by elguntor
No. The installation errors out. Free League hasn't touched the module in over 6 months. They are asking for the community to do the work for them. It's just lazy at this point. I personally won't support anything else from them until this is fixed.

Re: Foundry v11

Posted: Mon 04 Sep 2023, 11:51
by Takaichi
Hi, I'm Martin and I oversee VTT development here at Free League.

Wanted to chime in and say that we're sorry for the delay in getting the Ruins of Symbaroum modules v11 ready. It's been a question of available developer time and unforeseen events.

However, there's a small update in the works that should go out in the next day or so, that will make the modules v11 compatible. They will get a more thorough update in the near future once we have developers back on track. And just to make it clear, we have not asked the community to fix any of this, although I can understand it could have felt like that.

Again, apologies for the delay. There will be updates very soon!


Re: Foundry v11

Posted: Fri 08 Sep 2023, 05:09
by BytomMan
Is the Davokar Awakens for VTT coming soon?