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Zarak Dum

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To the Halls of Zarak Dum I go...
Where the folk of Durin lived of old...
To mine the rich veins of silver and gold...
Until the Witch King came ever bold...
The folk of Durin must then flee that hold...
Yet its halls are still rich I'm often told...
In a far away land of ever cold...
Where the folk of Durin lived of old..

A player wanted to recreate Bilbo’s Quest For Erebor but make a new tale and his own story. This will be a solo player campaign so I needed to think how this might be accomplished. The player wanted to be a Hobbit Treasure Hunter so I only needed the dwarves and a place to be reclaimed to finish the premise.

The place became Zarak Dum. A mine of rich veins of silver and gold located far to the north and close to Carn Dum. I didn’t want to manage thirteen NPC’s on top of all the others. My inspiration came from The Eaves of Mirkwood ( Adventures In Middle-Earth) and the three dwarves within- Snorri, Har, and Borri. The main character/ PC was taken with Adelard Took from the main rule book.

So now for starting levels and classes:

Adelard is a Fallohide Hobbit Treasure Hunter. What level? I am thinking 2nd level and here is why. Adelard is somewhat experienced. He has traveled to Bree a couple of times at least for he has won the Smoke Rimg contest held in Staddle two year’s running. This and as solo PC campaign the Hobbit requires a little more survivability. So 2nd level sounds about right. He’s still a newcomer but can start with a Virtue of my own making- Champion Smoker (see below).

Snorri is the oldest and leader of the band. Captain seems the right class and 5th level seems appropriate. What I think Thorrin would be at the beginning of the tale.

Har is Snorri’s younger brother and seasoned fighter. I feel 4th level and Champion would be a good choice. I picture him like Dwalin though very quiet. As per his description he often just nods or shakes his head and only speaks when he has something to add.

Borri is the youngest of the three. In my game I will make him Snorri’s son. Snorri and Har are Wandering Dwarfs Subrace and had only recently settled in the Blue Mountains. Borri will have the Blue Mountain Subrace and will be a Scholar of 3rd level.

For the Champion Smoker Virtue- when using the Pipe tool you get to double your proficiency bonus and you receive your Proficiency Bonus in Inspirations.

Well what do you think? Any comments and/ or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Annnnnd we’re off!

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