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Police Rank and Commendations

Sat 06 May 2023, 12:27

On pages 156 and 166,167 there is background on Rank, Commendation and Disciplinary Action. What I fail to see is how this interacts mechanically with the game. What police rank do players have, when do you hand out what Distinction or Disciplinary Action and what are the effects of this ? Is this something that gets mentioned elsewhere or is this just flavor with no written rules ?
Thanks also for any housrule on this.
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Re: Police Rank and Commendations

Mon 17 Jul 2023, 11:01

page 156 police Rank: My house rule would be that all my blade runners would be Detective 1-3. I would say Rookie is Detective I, Seasoned is Detective II, Veteran or longer is Detective III. Rank names add flavor. I would also be sure to designate the most veteran of the BR's on an investigation as the "OIC" or "Office in Charge" and maybe designate a "Field Operations Commander" if an investigation turns into a massive man/rep hunt. I would call Holden "DC Holden" in almost every non-personal conversation about him. Use all the acronyms you can remember and the players can learn. Think how the agents spoke to each other in "X-Files". I like that stuff. Makes if feel more procedural.

page 166-167 has some mechanics in it; "After a single game session in which you have earned five Promotion Points or more, you will be awarded a distinction by Deputy Chief Holden". This way if your party does a fantastic job, you can use one of the Distinction Awards as a way of giving in game name and flavor to the abstract point additions. (ie the Mechanic leads to the award, not vice versa)

Disciplinary actions are mentioned in various game mechanics references like failing a connections roll to try to use Chinyen to bribe instead of promotion points (page 162). When that mechanical event happens, use page 67 to give the action a name/flavor and consequences.

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