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Wed 03 May 2023, 16:40

I understand the normal procedure is for players to roll everything, but...what if a PC isn't involved? Is there a standard method for resolving that sort of thing? Like, for instance, the PCs are caravan guards, and the caravan is attacked by bandits. The PCs will be fighting some of the bandits, but other guards might also be involved in fighting them off. How do I resolve the bandits attacking the guards or vice versa?
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Re: NPC vs NPC

Wed 03 May 2023, 17:28

I'm not an expert on Symbaroum but, you either give the NPC that fights on the PCs side to a player and let that player control the NPC during the scene or you could just handle it summarily (just decide what happens).

There is a section in the core rulebook on p.177 about this (Non-Player Characters Intervene).
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