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Priest/Monk-Build & Blessings

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 13:51

Hey guys!
We are a group five people playing forbidden lands for quite a while now. Unfortunately half of our group got slain by rust brothers and ironguards.
So we set up new characters and I am in charge of healing the group. Playing as a treehugger is not really my style, so i went with a strength and empathy build - like a warrior priest (and way of the healer).

My question: Are there any kinds of blessings for weapons or armor? How do i create magic items for example a blessed axe? Any incantations or hymns to buff my fellows?
I've read nothing about it in the core rules or the bitter reach extension. I talked to my DM and he said, we can work things out, but a bit of guidance from the free league would be very appreciated.

I hope you guys can help me :-)

Greetings from Germany!
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Re: Priest/Monk-Build & Blessings

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 16:25

Ideas :
Maybe adapt some ice affinity spells to get "bonuses" for you or your fellow friends but not really connected to ice (I think about how ice sword or ice shield are working). Maybe ask for more wp to spend so those spells can be granted to your companions? You should create something like path of war and create some spells aside those two noted above or pick elsewhere spells that can be rename and use in this path. For example : I did let my necromancer use the spell to destroy undead in the path of healing because it s kinda close even if different.

If you don't have a menestrel in your party, ask to have access to path of the hymn for blessing (and rename it path of blessing).
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Re: Priest/Monk-Build & Blessings

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 17:23

"Blessed weapon"? What is it supposed to do?
With rank 2 in Path of Healing, you can at least chance cast "Bind Magic" at Power Level 1, +2 extra Power Levels to bind magic forever + lets say "Banish Demon" or "Purge Undead" at Power Level 2. "You cast the spell like any other", so I guess that means you could use ingredients for both spells, that means you need a total of 3 WP to try it out, but maybe 4 if your GM doesn't allow the double ingredient use.
As a target condition, you can probably add "when the weapon contacts a demon/undead the magic is released", or perhaps "the target I strike directly after I cry out 'I banish thy' ". It then drains the wielder of 2 WP once per day when this happens, but allows you to deal extra damage to those targets, as if hit by a PL 2 spell, this effect rolls no magic dice and has no chance of miscasting.

I see no rule hindering you from storing multiple effects in the same weapon, so you could probably redo it with the same or another spell and trigger. But the mishaps could kill you, so do it early on before you come to attached to your character...
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Re: Priest/Monk-Build & Blessings

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 20:16

I would say binding Path of the Shapeshifter to a weapon might allow for the release of the spell to do additional damage?

Something like...

Bind Magic: pg 122
Make the trigger condition hitting with the weapon.

Bear's Claw: Pg 127
Deals Dmg = to PL cannot be dodged or parried

This way a player attacks with their sword/spear/whatever. Lands a blow. Triggers the spell and deal an additional PL damage.

This can be done to any weapon with any damage dealing spell.

Want a "Blessed Weapon". Bind Banish Demon or Purge Undead to the weapon (or both!).

Then, if you can get a sorcerer with Symbolism to help out, he can inscribe power runes into the weapon and supply it with it's own source of WP.

Want to get crazy? Lets get crazy. Add Transfer to the weapon too. For 1 additional WP when you hit you can trigger transfer and have the weapon siphon off Will Power from your victims so it's self refueling.

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