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Dragon's grave - Bitter Reach

Tue 06 Sep 2022, 17:50

There's a place in bitter reach called by "Dragon's Grave" what was it? what's happened there?
if nothing oficial was said, someone can help me with ideas for this place?
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Re: Dragon's grave - Bitter Reach

Wed 20 Mar 2024, 15:53

So hey total Necro but I've just let my players loose in Dragon's grave and I'd like to share my ideas for this evocative location.

So we've got a dead Dragon the size of a Hex 5ish kilometers? Frozen in the Glacier. Now in my world (and most fantasy worlds) dragonbone is very valuble. It's like Ivory but it's Magic!

Consequently the village just south of dragon's grave is a sort of Fantasy version of an Alaskan gold diggers camp. It used to be an anarchic freeforall until a Pyromancer (Apprentice to Zertome) and a Bunch of Aslene showed up and took control of the place monopolizing the dragonbone extraction.

The Skeleton of the Great Dragon serves as a structural rig for a network of tunnels running allthrough the glacier and these tunnels contain. A orphan Dragon (wyrm) drawn to the energy of it's vast Ancestor. The Corpse of a dragon slayer and his mighty spear (somewhere in the gullet). A Band of Forgethralls trying to extract the dragons Immortal three ton heart (to power their Doomforge). A band of desperate escaped Orc slaves trying to stockpile enough gear and resources to make a journey across the glacier and join the clans.

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