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Awarding Experience Points in Ruins of Symbaroum

Wed 03 Jul 2024, 13:13

Hi. I must in advance apologize for my poor english.

I'm a veteran DM (In almost all editions) and I'm actually referring a ROS game using "The Promised Land" scenario.

I'm not sure which amount of XP i have to reward to my players. In the ROS player's Guide is suggested that the propper amount for a non-combat scene is "the level of the player character x 100 if successful or 50 if they didn't Success".

I have 4 players in my "table" (I'm using FG VTT). I'm not sure if this the proper amount as I divided the XP among all my players. (As such 100xp translates in 25 xp for each player).

Spoiler of the Promised land:

They are about to meet the Hunger Wolf, it has 85 hp an my players are still 1st level !!! They avoided Mal-Rogan (A smart move) but it implies they have the starting amount of HP. Even with the NPC's of the Scenario i think it will be a meatgrinder (The PC's will not be "killed", but if the NPC's are, the Scenario will be as they are the leitmotiv of the following scenes). I'm about to change the monsters as I think they are umbalanced for the purpose of the scenario.

But I digress.

I also looked up in the other ROS scenarios if they specified XP for non combat scenes to no avail.

The amount of PX are to be divided equally for non-combat scenes of the XP amount suggested are for each PC?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Awarding Experience Points in Ruins of Symbaroum

Wed 03 Jul 2024, 17:56

The amount of XP is per character, not for the party as a whole, so it is 100 XP for a single 1st level PC in a social scene. That said, those rules are suggestions for social scenes, and I personally would encourage a GM that is using XP for advancement (and not the much more common "milestone" levelling) to award an amount for overcoming any sort of challenge equal to what they would have earned in a combat challenge at that level.

As for defeating the Hunger Wolf, remember that it does not want to hurt them unnecessarily, and is after the two other NPCs. The rest of the caravan can help the PCs, and it might even retreat after encountering any level of resistance, allowing the next scene to play out in just a slightly altered fashion. The moral questions of what to do is more important (to my mind) than the precise outcome. It may have 85 HP, but the PCs are not the only caravan guards, so the others might deal with their threats quickly and be able to help out sooner than they might otherwise.

And, of course, if you want their earlier experiences to earn them a step up to 2nd level before the Hunger Wolf arrives, that can work too.
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Re: Awarding Experience Points in Ruins of Symbaroum

Wed 03 Jul 2024, 18:21

Great reply. Thanks a lot!! :)

I was considering the 2nd level solution beforehand but I wanted the experience to be organic. As 50% of the players are newcomers using D&D rules.

I know the experience amount sugested was for "Social Encounters", not really other challenges.But as I was adding some extra scenes as interactions with other members of the caravan (Lestra as they needed some healing), i considered they earned some.

That said, as they will we awarded 200xp each (They only earned 75xp until now for the scenes) I think they will be 2nd level in the encounter with the Wolf.

I think It will do the trick. Thank you again.

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