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Ritualist Levels - what are the benefits

Tue 02 Jul 2024, 19:03

I am probably overthinking it, but I wonder how mechanically player benefits from Ritualist ability. I am early in manual reading, so my question might be result of it.

Can a character learn any Ritual as Mystic Power independently from becoming Ritualist? (Mira’s Grumpa did so). In such case becoming Ritualist declines temp Corruption to 1 if ritual belongs to mastered tradition already at Novice level when compared to tradition that must be leveled at Adept.
Still I don’t get the Ritualist Adept - learning three rituals in total and 6 for Master…
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Re: Ritualist Levels - what are the benefits

Wed 03 Jul 2024, 14:19

Rituals should just be bought for 10 xp for each ritual, but they wanted to fit it into the novice/adept/master structure, so now you get 1 ritual at Novice, 2 more at Adept and then max out at 4 more at Master. One of the most common houserules in Symbaroum is just to make Rituals cost 10 xp to learn. If the Ritual is not on the list of your Mystical Tradition they also cost 1 permanent corruption to learn.
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Re: Ritualist Levels - what are the benefits

Wed 03 Jul 2024, 14:28

When you start reading Symbarou, I think that "Mystic Powers" and "Ritualist" are two Abilities that everyone tends to spend some time understanding :D

When you "buy" the Ritualist Ability for the first time, the player then has to flip the book to the page with the Rituals chapter and choose one from there.
The second time the Ability is acquired (Adept level), the player has to choose 2 Rituals.
And the third (Master), he chooses 3 Rituals.

In the end, the maximum of rituals he can have is 6.

So, the Ritualist Ability is just a way to say "I'm learning a Ritual".

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