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LFP : Upcoming games

Wed 19 Jun 2024, 20:42

Hi everyone,

I'm Raddish, I've been wanting to play T:2K for a while, i've had 3 groups under my wings thus far, but it was never quite what i wanted on the level of seriousness.

So i'm looking for serious player that won't make joke PC.

Game would be hosted Weekly Tuesdays 17:30 EST

To reach me comment here or send me a message on Discord @ raddish
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Re: LFP : Upcoming games

Wed 26 Jun 2024, 14:15

I am looking for a group. I also like a serious game.
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Re: LFP : Upcoming games

Wed 26 Jun 2024, 15:22

It might help if you define what you would consider a "joke PC"?
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Re: LFP : Upcoming games

Tue 02 Jul 2024, 09:46

I have two open slots as well, in my weekly Wednesday night campaign (8pm to midnight ET) if anyone is interested just message me.

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