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Pregen Characters

Tue 04 Jun 2024, 21:22

Hi, I’m going to be running The Star in the Mist soon and I am trying to find if there are any pre generated characters available anywhere? Time for the session will be tight and trying to get several people to create characters sharing my rulebook will be time consuming. TIA
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Re: Pregen Characters

Wed 05 Jun 2024, 12:53


As far as I know the only pre-gen characters are those included in The Shire adventures.

But they are all hobbits and possibly not too much focused in combat. I have The Shire and the adventures are too "soft": for example going from one place to another, entering and escaping from a museum and similar quests. There is some combat at the end. But we considered that they are so introductory that we didn't play those quests.

Anyway creating a level 1 character is really easy since you begin with some skills, virtue (if it's possible, for example Elves doesn't begin with virtues), few features related to the occupation and maybe a craft if a character is a scholar. It's not long.
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Re: Pregen Characters

Thu 20 Jun 2024, 18:23

Is there a place to download the PreGens for Shire Adventures?
I am planning to run A Conspiracy Most Cracked for Free RPG Day and I was hoping to have nice printouts for the players. I don't own the PDF just the physical book.

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