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Play Epic One Shot

Sat 25 May 2024, 21:18

I am running an epic one-shot of One Ring 2e on StartPlaying Games Saturday June 8th 5-9pm EST. ... c5ooqsvxxk
Chaos surrounds the Old Ford. The matriarch is dying. The daughter is about to give birth. Only you and your companions can keep this busy hub along the Anduin operating. The tribulations here lead to a journey to Mountain Hall, where orcs with frightening abilities have been pouring out of the mines. What's happened to these orcs? Can Mountain Hall survive? Will you be their saviors?
Come play some higher level One Ring 2e with me!
Garrett Crowe
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Re: Play Epic One Shot

Sun 26 May 2024, 01:11

Hey Garrett. Haven't heard from you in a while! There's a good chance I'll be working that night, but if not then I might check it out.

Did you make it to UBCon? I didn't see you there but there's not much tabletop gaming at the con anymore either.

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