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Character skills/features comparison to D&D

Tue 21 May 2024, 03:27

Hello all! Has any compiled a list of items and compared them to the matching (or similar/inspired by) items from the original D&D? For example the Champions Battle-fury is clearly a mash up of the Barbarians Rage & Reckless Attack abilities.

I'm setting up FoundryVTT for LOTR RPG & am hoping to reference D&D items while I setup similar items from LOTR. Unfortunately I'm not familar with the D&D items and will have to hunt through those books. I suppose I realize this is unlikely but figured I'd check.

For a specific example....anyone know of any D&D abilities that are similar to the Captain's Bright Blade?
Starting at 3rd level, as a bonus action, you can imbue a melee weapon that you are holding with your bravery. For 1 minute, you add your Charisma modifier to attack rolls made with that weapon (with a minimum bonus of +1). For the duration of the effect, when you hit a creature, the next attack roll against the target made by an attacker other than you has advantage if the attack is made before the start of your next turn. If you are no longer holding or carrying this weapon, or if you fall unconscious, this effect ends.You must then finish a short or long rest to use this feature again.
Thanks for your consideration!

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