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The Shire Stories - The Tree Fairy Salvation

Sat 18 May 2024, 07:41

The Shire Stories - The Tree Fairy Salvation
A Solo Roleplaying Play Report - the One Ring RPG
By Arthur Dallas


- Ivy Banks (female Hobbit) trader from The Banks Fishermen Village.
- Merry Banks (male Hobbit) trader from the Banks Fishermen Village. Brother of Ivy.
- The Tree Fairy Sheelin.
- The Attercops Old Spider called Ungol.


As dawn breaks over the peaceful Banks Settlement, nestled by the flowing waters of the Water River, Ivy and Merry Banks are already bustling with activity. Their small boat is loaded with crates of fish, baskets of bilberries, and barrels of fruit beer and wine, all destined for the distant North-Tooks Family of Long Cleeve.
Their father, Hamfast Banks, a weathered fisherman with a keen eye, gives them a solemn warning before they depart. "Mind yourselves, my darlings," he says, his voice tinged with concern. "Strange birds have been sighted near our lands lately. Don't tarry on your journey."
Ivy and Merry nod in understanding, their expressions serious as they take their father's words to heart. They know the importance of heeding warnings in these uncertain times, especially when venturing beyond the familiar boundaries of their village.
With a final farewell and a promise to return safely, Ivy and Merry set off on their journey along the winding river. The morning mist hangs low over the water, casting a serene aura over the landscape as they navigate their boat with practiced ease.
As they row steadily upstream, the gentle rhythm of their oars punctuates the quiet stillness of the early morning. The sound of chirping birds and rustling leaves accompanies them, blending harmoniously with the soft lapping of the river against the boat's hull.
But despite the tranquility of their surroundings, a sense of unease gnaws at Ivy and Merry's minds. They can't shake the feeling of being watched, of unseen eyes following their every move from the shadows of the dense foliage that lines the riverbanks.
"It feels... eerie today, doesn't it?" Ivy whispers, casting a wary glance at the overhanging branches.
Merry nods, his brow furrowed in concentration. "Aye, something doesn't feel right. Let's keep our wits about us and stick to the middle of the river."
Their journey continues in tense silence, the air thick with anticipation and apprehension. Every ripple in the water, every rustle in the underbrush sets their nerves on edge as they inch closer to their destination.
Hours pass, and the sun climbs higher in the sky, casting dappled shadows across the shimmering surface of the river. Just as the tension begins to ease slightly, a sudden disturbance shatters the tranquil scene.
A flurry of wings erupts from the trees, startling Ivy and Merry as they instinctively reach for their oars, ready to flee. But instead of menacing creatures, they are greeted by the sight of a flock of ordinary birds taking flight, their melodious chirps echoing through the air.
Relief washes over Ivy and Merry as they exchange a nervous laugh, their fears dissipating like morning mist in the warmth of the sun's rays. "Looks like it was just our imaginations running wild," Merry says with a sheepish grin.
Ivy nods, her spirits lifting as they resume their journey with renewed determination. "Father's warnings must have put us on edge. Let's make haste and deliver these goods to the North-Tooks before nightfall."


As Ivy and Merry continue their journey towards Long Cleeve, the landscape gradually transforms into a scene of ominous darkness. The once lush greenery gives way to a desolate expanse covered in thick, black tar-like substance, even the waters of the river turning opaque and murky. To their left, a smaller river snakes inland, its dark waters mirroring the gloomy sky above.
Suddenly, amidst the eerie silence, a soft yet captivating female voice drifts through the air, drawing Ivy and Merry's attention. Ivy's curiosity piques, but Merry hesitates, recalling their father's warning not to stray from their path.
"We have to investigate," Ivy insists, her determination unwavering. "I'm the oldest, so I decide."
With a shared glance, Ivy and Merry dock their boat on the shore, securing it before venturing into the forest. Following the course of the small black river, they tread cautiously through the tangled undergrowth, the air heavy with foreboding.
Ivy kneels by the edge of the dark water, dipping her finger into the viscous substance. "It's like opaque tar," she observes, her brow furrowing in concern. "Something has tainted the land."
The sound of the mysterious voice grows stronger as they press on, guiding them deeper into the heart of the forest. Pushing through cobwebs that cling to their clothes, Ivy and Merry stumble upon a figure lying on the forest floor, wrapped in a cocoon of silk.
The voice, now weak and pleading, emanates from the trapped figure. "Help me, help me," it implores.
With a sense of urgency, Ivy and Merry draw their hunting knives, carefully slicing through the sticky strands of silk to reveal the trapped being within—a beautiful elf with hair of shimmering colors.
"I am Sheelin, one of the daughters of Goldberry, the river mother," the elf gasps weakly. "I am a Tree Fairy. Beware, I have been ensnared by the ancient spider Ungol. She has made her nest in this region and is wicked in her ways. Normally, I can withstand her, but she caught me off guard with her poisoned sting. Please, fetch me some Athelas herb. It will counteract this black poison. You'll find it near the old elven ruin ahead."
"We're going," Ivy assures her, determination flashing in her eyes. "Stay here, we'll return with the herb to help you."
With renewed purpose, Ivy and Merry set off towards the old ruin, their hearts heavy with the weight of the task ahead and the fate of the Tree Fairy, Sheelin, resting in their hands.


As Ivy presses on towards the elven ruins, her heart heavy with determination, Merry's unease grows palpable. "We should turn back," he urges, his voice tinged with fear. "Fighting spiders is not for me."
But Ivy, fueled by her sense of duty to Sheelin, refuses to waver. Taking Merry by the arms, she meets his gaze with unwavering resolve. "Sheelin is counting on us," she says firmly. "Pull yourself together, Merry. We must move forward."
Reluctantly, Merry nods, his apprehension still evident in his eyes. "Okay," he mutters, steeling himself for what lies ahead.
Together, Ivy and Merry press onward towards the elven ruins, the air thick with tension and anticipation. As they approach, they spot a cluster of athelas herbs scattered on the ground—a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.
Ivy wastes no time in gathering the precious herbs, her hands trembling with urgency. But before they can make their escape, a deep voice interrupts their task, sending a shiver down their spines.
"Are they good to eat, I wonder?" the voice rumbles, its tone laced with menace. "We don't know these creatures, no. What are they called, tell me."
Ivy and Merry exchange wary glances before slowly looking up to see a massive spider looming above them, its eight legs poised menacingly. Ivy takes a deep breath, steeling herself to respond. "We are hobbits," she says evenly, her voice steady despite the fear gnawing at her. "But we must leave immediately."
But their path is swiftly blocked as the spider descends, its predatory gaze fixed on the two hobbits. "Not so fast, Hobbits," it hisses, its eyes gleaming with malice. "Are they good to eat, tell me."
Merry, ever the quick thinker, seizes the opportunity to distract the spider. "You know, we haven't had a bath in three months," he quips, his voice trembling slightly. "No, we're not good at all."
As Ivy subtly signals Merry to flee in another direction, the spider's attention shifts towards him, its movements swift and calculated. With a swift strike, it injects Merry with its venomous sting, paralyzing him instantly.
Ivy's heart lurches as she watches Merry fall, her instincts kicking into overdrive as she races towards Sheelin with the athelas in hand, determined to save her friend and fulfill their mission against all odds.


As Ivy approaches Sheelin, her heart pounding with relief, she wastes no time in administering the athelas to the weakened Tree Fairy. With each breath of the healing herb, Sheelin begins to regain her strength, her color returning to her cheeks as she frees herself from her bonds.
"Where is your friend?" Sheelin inquires, her eyes searching Ivy's face for an answer.
Ivy's voice catches in her throat as tears well up in her eyes. "He was captured by the old spider Ungol," she says, her voice trembling with emotion. "Can you help us?"
But before Sheelin can respond, the sound of approaching footsteps cuts through the air—a sinister presence drawing near. "We're going to have two hobbits for supper and a Tree Fairy for dessert," the voice of Ungol echoes ominously in the distance. "It's a very good day. Maybe we'll save the Tree Fairy for tomorrow then."
As Ungol draws nearer, Ivy and Sheelin brace themselves for the inevitable confrontation. But to their surprise, the spider recoils in fear upon seeing Sheelin free and unharmed.
"You are right to be afraid, Ungol," Sheelin declares, her voice ringing with authority. "I will drive you from these lands, and you will go far north and never return. I am a daughter of Goldberry, and you will obey me."
With a flick of her wrist, Sheelin unleashes a dazzling display of colors, casting out the darkness and banishing Ungol from the perimeter. The tar shadows dissipate, the water clears, and the once desolate land is transformed into a vibrant oasis once more.
Ivy and Merry, reunited at last, stand in awe of Sheelin's power, grateful for her intervention. Sheelin's spell has not only driven away the evil but has also healed Merry's wounds, restoring him to full health.
As they bid farewell to Sheelin, the Tree Fairy bestows upon them a gift—a single rose from her hair, radiant and fragrant. Ivy and Merry accept the precious token with reverence, their hearts filled with gratitude for Sheelin's kindness.
"Go in peace," Sheelin says softly, her voice carrying a hint of sadness. "Ungol is very far away now. I give you this gift in memory of me, Ivy and Merry."
With a final nod of thanks, Ivy and Merry watch as Sheelin disappears into the depths of the forest, her presence leaving behind a lingering sense of wonder and magic. And as they continue on their journey, the memory of their encounter with the Tree Fairy, and the gift she bestowed upon them, will forever remain etched in their hearts.

END OF EPISODE (In Adventuring Phase)

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