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Clarification of Abilities please

Tue 07 May 2024, 03:48

A new Symbaroum GM here with what is probably a dumb question about abilities. A number of abilities have their descriptions for the 3 levels plus some additional text above that. For example Medicus for a novice says they can heal on a successful Cunning test. but then above it says they can examine a body to determine the cause of death or diagnose and cure diseases. But in that description above it has no mention of a Cunning test for that diagnosis or cure. How should I treat this? I guess it is all requiring a Cunning test. Please clarify if you can.
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Re: Clarification of Abilities please

Sun 12 May 2024, 14:39

Symbaroum leaves (intentionally) some decissions at the DM's criteria. Having an Ability should allow the character to have some knowledge or advantage besides the mechanical specified one.

In the example of Medicus, as a GM you could allow for different uses. Let's say that in the adventure you have prepared, a group of inhabitants from a village have fallen ill. You, as the GM, know that the illness comes from a poisoning in a well. Then you could establish that:

1) A character without Medicus needs to roll Cunning if examining a sick inhabitant, simply to know that something they've ingested was the cause of the illness
2) A character with Medicus automatically knows from the symptoms that the cause is the ingestion of something
3) A character with Medicus that also succeeds at a Cunning test, knows that it wasn't food, but water
4) A character without Medicus nor Alchemy cannot try to find a cure or relieve for the ill
5) A character with Medicus but without Alchemy, or viceversa, can find a cure or relieve if successful at a Cunning test
6) A character with Medicus and Alchemy can automatically prepare a cure for the ill

None of these options are written down in the Abilities, but give you an example of what acquiring an Ability can grant your character at the GM's discretion.

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