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Re: RoS FoundryVTT question

Fri 10 May 2024, 22:47

PSA: there is a beta update available to the Core module that fixes most of the issues with D&D 3.0 system.
You can get it by installing directly from manifest: ... odule.json
Note, that it's an update to a "system" module, not RoS content modules (PG, GMG, Bestiary) - those are still very outdated and have issues.

Honestly, if Free League is worried about the cost of contracting a developer, I would volunteer to update it myself for free. It is not that much work:
[1] Update classes to use the new automatic advancement system (leveling).
[2] Update races to use a new dedicated race item type instead of being a "feature".
[3] Fix icon paths for spells and features (5e system changed directory for icons).
[4] Updated journals to use new enrichers.
[5] Organize content into folders (a new built-in Foundry feature).

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