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Healing Hands + Bind Magic

Tue 07 May 2024, 04:48

The 'Healing Hands' spell has a 'You cannot heal yourself' restriction on it: How should this work if the spell is bound into an object through the 'Bind Magic' spell (let's say a glove that is activated by a verbal command)?
  • Is the creator still the 'caster' who can never be healed by the glove,
  • Is the glove now the 'caster' so it can potentially heal anyone, or
  • Is the current wearer of the glove now the 'caster' who can use it to heal any person within arm's reach except themselves?
Personally, I'm favoring the last option...
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Re: Healing Hands + Bind Magic

Tue 07 May 2024, 06:41

The user of a magic trinket is the one that counts as casting the spell, it doesn't matter if it is by proxy, he is the one that channels the spell.
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